AnthroGroup of UNL

The UNL AnthroGroup is a non-profit student organization established to promote the anthropological interests of its student members.

This simple goal entails a variety of activities. Some further functions:

  • Act as a forum for students to communicate with UNL's Anthropology & Geography Department
  • Act as an information hub for upcoming conferences and events, as well as research and job opportunities
  • Organize and schedule the anthropology section of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences annual conference
  • Promote and run the AnthroGroup student/faculty research conference
  • Schedule professional speakers to present anthropologically related topics
  • Produce the Nebraska Anthropologist
  • Provide a social venue for anthropology students, as well as anyone interested in anthropology
Yanomamö Girl
Yanomamö Girl

If you're not familiar with AnthroGroup, feel free to wander the site or even attend the next meeting! To join, all you need to do is come to a scheduled meeting, pay your dues, and talk to the secretary to get on the roster.

If you're already a regular attendee, you will find upcoming events and useful information on this site to increase your involvement with ongoing anthropological research.

Group Structure

AnthroGroup uses an officer structure, and keeps minutes for every meeting. The minutes can be found online (off to your left) for your convenience, and the officers can be contacted via e-mail. AnthroGroup also collects dues in the amount of $10, payable to the treasurer. Officers have various responsibilities based on their position, and are as follows:

  • President
  • Advertises, organizes, and conducts elections
  • Collaborates with the faculty and the treasurer to fund and schedule lectures and guest speakers.
  • Organizes and directs meetings, including finding a room, a time, and content.
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Native Arrow (Modern)
  • Secretary
  • Keeps minutes for each meeting.
  • Advertises meetings.
  • Maintains the most current activity schedule.
  • Treasurer
  • Collects dues (in the amount of $10).
  • Wades through funding paperwork.
  • Keeps track of expenses.
  • Webmaster
  • Updates website with news and activities.
  • Ensures working links and general utility of the site.
  • Works with officers and members to keep the website relevant and engaging.
Special Thanks

We wish to thank our faculty advisor, Dr. Matthew Douglass, for his hard work on our behalf. We also want to extend our thanks to those who fund the Nebraska Anthropologist, both the Ward F. Weakly Memorial Fund and the UNL Student Alumni Association in years past, and members like you. Thank you all!