Mary Willis

Dr. Mary S. Willis

Ph.D. Washington University St. Louis, 1995

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Office: 928 Oldfather Hall
Phone: (402) 472-9677
Fax: (402) 472-9642

Curriculum Vitae


Dental Anthropology
Medical Anthropology
Applied Anthropology

Major Research Interests:

Refugee resettlement, refugees from Sudan, cross-cultural health

Research Achievements:

2009-2010 Elected to 'Fellow' status', Society for Applied Anthropology


2010 Co-PI on Seed Grant, UNL College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, to fund 'Farming, Food, and Fitness: 'A Holistic Approach to Agricultural Productivity, Food Security, & Nutrition', with Martha Mamo, Shimelis Beyene, Tsegaye Tedessa, Teshome Regassa, Raymond Hames ($60,000).

Langeloth Foundation, New York, New York, for Anterior Dental Extraction and Restoration Among Nuer and Dinka Refugees from Sudan: A Unique Perspective on the Biology and Culture of Healing ($227,459), 2005-2007.

Honors and Awards:

2010 Awarded 'Fellow' Status, Society for Applied Anthropology.

2010 Spirit of Service Faculty Award with Barbara DiBernard, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Awarded for teaching course entitled 'Cross Cultural Mentoring'.

2009 Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students, UNL Teaching Council, University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Manuscripts Submitted to Peer-Reviewed Journals

Wright, B.W. and Willis, M.S. (2011) Relationships between the diet and dentition in Asian leaf monkeys. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Submitted February 2011.

Publications in Refereed (Peer-Reviewed) Journals/Books:

Willis, M.S. and Bothun, R.M. (2011) Dental Hygiene Knowledge and Practice Among Dinka and Nuer from Sudan to the U.S. Journal of Dental Hygiene, Accepted for Publication, August 2010.

Fox, S.H. and Willis, M.S. (2010) Dental Restorations for Dinka and Nuer refugees: A confluence of healing and culture. Transcultural Psychiatry, 47(3): 453-473.

Fox, S.H. and Willis, M.S. (2009) Initiatory mental health assessments for Dinka and Nuer Refugees from Sudan. Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 7(2):159-179.

Reviews and Reports

Willis, M.S. (2009) Reviewer for Anita H. Fabos, ‘Brothers’ or Others? : Propriety and Gender for Muslim Arab Sudanese in Egypt. New York: Berghan Books, 2008. The International
Journal of African Historical Studies 42:146-147.

Willis, M.S. (2009) Legal Wrangling Required: Refugees from Sudan in U.S. Courtrooms. The Nebraska Lawyer, Volume 12 (8), August 2009..

Conference Presentations:

Willis, M.S., Beyene, S., Hames, R., Mamo, M., Regassa, T., Tadessa, T. (2011) Creating a Holistic Food Security Project: Lessons from Ethiopia. Oral Presentation, Society for Applied Anthropology, Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Willis, M.S. and Wright, B.W. (2010) Ecomorphological relationships in the ingestive and digestive systems of Southeast Asian leaf monkeys. Oral Presentation, American Association of Physical Anthropology, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Willis, M.S. and DiBernard, B.J. (2009) Who's zooming who?: Cross-cultural mentoring between high school and college students. Oral Presentation, Society for Applied Anthropology, Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Osborne, D.L., Willis, M.S. and Beyene, S.G. (2009) Evaluating the race concept in the classroom and community: insight from student research. Poster, American Association of Physical Anthropology, Chicago, Illinois.


Courses Taught:

Introduction to Anthropology, ANTH 110
Introduction to Physical Anthropology, ANTH 242/242L
Cross-Cultural Mentoring I & II, ANTH 408/808 and ANTH 409/809
Advanced Physical Anthropology, ANTH 442/842
Medical Anthropology, ANTH 422/822
Human Variation, ANTH 442/842