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Courses in Anthropology

Industries, jobs and technologies change. The Department of Anthropology empowers you to focus broadly — develop a wide knowledge base — so you can see what’s coming, and be ready to lead the way.

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Spring 2017 Courses

110 Introduction to Anthropology (3 cr) ACE 6 and 9 ONLINE & LECTURE

Class Time: MWF 10:30-11:20a and TR 2:00p-3:15p

 (2 in-class + 3 online)

Introduction to the study of society and culture, integrating the four major subfields of anthropology: archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and physical anthropology.

 212 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ETHN 212) (3 cr) ACE 6

Class Time: TR 2:00-3:15p

An introduction to ethnology and its subfields.  Standard topics, problems, and theories are considered in ethnology, social anthropology, culture and personality, and applied anthropology.

 215 Anthropology of Death (3 cr) ACE 6

Class Time: MW 2:00p-3:15p

Past and present survey of human beliefs and practices related to death.

 232 Introduction to Prehistory and Archaeology (3 cr) ACE 4 (ONLINE)

An introduction to what archaeologists do and what they have learned about human prehistory.  The first half of the course emphasizes the methods archaeologists use to study the past.  The second half traces the record of human developments up to the rise of cities.

 242 Introduction to Biological Anthropology (3 cr) ACE 4

Class Time: TR 11:00a-12:15p

Biological anthropology is the study of human and non human primate biological evolution and biocultural variation. This includes genetics, mechanisms of change, growth and development, primate ecology, and the fossil record.

 242L Introduction to Biological Anthropology Lab (1 cr)

Class Time: M 11:30a-1:15p; M 6:30-8:15p; W 9:30-11:15a

Laboratory exercises and analyses that complement material covered in ANTH 242

 351 Indigenous Peoples of North America (3 cr)

Class Time:  TR 12:30-1:45p

Prereq: 3 hrs ANTH
Overview of the pre-contact, contact and post-contact experiences of indigenous peoples of North America.

 385 Human Origins (3 cr)

Class Time: TR 3:30p-4:45p

Prereqs: ANTH 110 or ANTH 242 or permission of the instructor.
Explores the evolutionary history of humans and our close relatives.

418/818. Ethnology of Museums (3 cr)

Prereq: 12 hrs anthropology.

Class Time: TR 9:30a-10:45a

An approach to the museum as it relates to the growth of anthropology in general and ethnological studies in particular.  Special emphasis is given to the study of non-Western technology and its role in the modern museum.

 435/835 Introduction to Heritage Management Archaeology (3 cr)

Class Time: W 6:00-8:30p

Prereq: ANTH 232 or permission.
An introduction to the nature and purpose of historic preservation as it pertains to resource management and archaeological research.  Emphasis on legislation that forms the basis for cultural resource management principles; integration of state programs and archaeological contractors within the overall framework of land modification planning.

436/836 The Ancient Maya (3 cr)

Class Time: MWF 10:30a-11:20a

Introduction to the prehistory of the Maya region and its periphery. Features of the Ancient Maya political, economic, religious, gender and material structures. Main substantive, theoretical and political debates in Mesoamerican scholarship. Interdisciplinary research and the types of methods used to create knowledge about Maya civilization.

 443/843 Dental Anthropology (3 cr)

Class Time: TR 2:00p-3:15p

Cranio-facial anatomy, development and morphology as well as forensic uses of dentition.

 451/851. Indians of Contemporary North America (Ethnic Studies 451) (3 cr)

Class Time: R 2:30p-5:00p 

Prereq: 12 hrs anthropology and permission.  ANTH  351 strongly recommended.

A survey of contemporary North American Indian cultures focusing upon the effects of culture change and the causes of conflict.  The impact of modern technology and non-Indian societies upon traditional kinship structures, educational institutions, religious beliefs, and value systems will be examined.  The emphasis will be directed toward understanding the continuing adaptations and functions of Indian cultural roles and ideals and reviewing their place in recent social, economic, political, and religious developments.

 461/861 Geospatial Approaches in Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (3 cr)

Class Time: W 2:30p-5:00p

Study of geographic concepts and critical analysis of applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in humanities and social sciences and application of geospatial tools for humanities and social science research; learn how to collect, manage, analyze, and visualize spatial data for real-world projects.

474/874 Applied and Development Anthropology (3 cr) ACE 6

Class Time: M 2:30p- 5:00p 

Prereq: 12 hrs anthropology.

An analysis of the efforts by anthropologists and other trained specialists to influence the process of development and socioeconomic change in the modern world.

 487E/887E Analysis of Archaeology Materials (3 cr)

Class Time: T 5:oop-7:30p

Lec. Lab. Prereq: ANTH 232. ANTH 487/887 may be repeated. Topics vary by semester.
A survey of vocabulary, techniques, and ideas needed to research major materials found in archaeological sites.

495/895 Internship in Anthropology (1-6 cr)

Class Time: TBA

Prereq: Sophomore standing.
A structured professional experience outside the traditional academic setting designed to allow students to learn and use anthropological skills and knowledge and to develop professional networks.

 499 Senior Research Thesis (1-6 cr)

Class Time: TBA

Prereqs: Senior standing and permission.

 899 Masters Thesis (6-9 cr)

Class Time: TBA

Prereqs: Admission to masters degree program and permission of major advisor

 996 Research Other Than Thesis (1-6 cr)

Class Time: TBA

Research or reading in selected problems in anthropology, including the preparation of research for publication