Diesel Baldwin

Research Interests: Forensic Anthropology



Morgan Beyer

Research Interests: Public Archaeology



Jeremy Brunette

Research Interests: Historical Archaeology


BA: Adams State University, 2013

Erin Carr

Research Interests: geophysical applications in archaeology


BA: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012


Michael Chodoronek

Research Interests: Archaeology, Experimental archaeology

Hometown: Kenosha, WI/Centreville, VA

BA: University of Wisconsin-Parkside, 2009


Zachary Day

Research Interests: Characterization studies in archaeology


BA: University of Kansas, 2013



John Fitzpatrick

Research Interests: ethnic studies, immigrant populations and the health issues they face

Hometown: Londonderry, NH

BA: Plymouth State University, 2011




Nora Greiman

Research Interests: Evolutionary archaeology, osteology, historic archaeology

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

BA: Institution, Tulane University, May 2008 (M.A. Tulane University May 2009)


Luke Hittner

Research Interests: digital characterization of lithic materials


BA: St. Cloud State University, 2013



Gabriela (Gaby) Lapera

Research Interests: Biological anthropology, osteology, intersections between biology and culture

Hometown: Wicomico Church, VA

BA: College of William & Mary, 2011




 Aaron Pattee

Research Interests: Post-WW II Germany and representation


BA: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012



Holly Staggs

Research Interests: Classical archaeology, landscape archaeology, Greco-Roman art and architecture  

Hometown: Houston, TX

BS: Texas State University, 2011




Chenshen Wang

Research Interests:  Bio-cultural anthropology, interaction between biology and culture

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

BS: State University of New York-Oswego, 2011