Faculty News Archive

    Carleen Sanchez named Editor in Chief of the  journal Ethnic Studies Review

    Dr. Carleen D. Sanchez has been named Editor in Chief of the  journal Ethnic Studies Review -- a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary international journal devoted to the study of ethnicity, ethnic groups and their cultures, and intergroup relations.

    Mary Willis elected to 'Fellow' status

    Dr. Mary S. Willis was elected to 'Fellow' status by the Board of Directors of the Society for Applied Anthropology, December 2009.

    Dr. LuAnn Wandsnider Publishes Edited Volume

    Time in Archeology

    Time in Archaeology (University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City), edited by Simon Holdaway and LuAnn Wandnsider, was released late in 2008. In this edited volume, Holdaway, Wandsnider, and their contributors argue for the further deconstruction of time as traversed by archaeologists and for building on the unique strength of archaeology as a vehicle for illuminating human action over the medium- and long-term. Contributing authors investigate archaeological patterning owed to human action unfolding over different spans of time. This volume is derived from an electronic symposium convened at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology.

    From the University of Utah Press website:

    "After reading this book I will never think of time in the same way...This book is really important [and] will become a classic reference."
    - Julie Stein, University of Washington

    Dr. Awakuni-Swetland Receives NEH Grant

    "Two grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities will support UNL digital humanities research projects. Kenneth Price, University Professor and Hillegass Chair of 19th-Century American Literature, and Mark Awakuni-Swetland, assistant professor of anthropology and ethnic studies, recently received major grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities."

    "Awakuni-Swetland and his colleagues are creating a comprehensive Omaha and Ponca digital dictionary, which will be available online for native communities, students, researchers and the public. A $348,800 NEH grant funds this work through a joint NEH-National Science Foundation-Smithsonian Institution Documenting Endangered Languages initiative. It's also a "We the People" project, a special NEH recognition for model projects advancing the study, teaching and understanding of American history and culture."

    Read the full story here, or visit the Omaha Language Project homepage.

    National Association for Ethnic Studies Election

    Dr. Carleen D. Sanchez was recently elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Ethnic Studies (2008-2012). The National Association for Ethnic Studies has as its basic purpose the promotion of activities and scholarship in the field of ethnic studies. The Board of Directors includes scholars and professionals from several disciplines who are available to serve as consultants.