Dr. Ralph J. Hartley

Ph.D. Geography, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1989

Adjunct Professor of Anthropology

Office: 818 Oldfather Hall

E-mail: rhartley4@unl.edu

Phone: 402-619-6119

Fax: 402-472-9642


Curriculum Vitae




Research Interests:

Ethno-archaeology; inter-group cooperation and conflict; visual communication; spatial orientation

Recent and Representative Publications:

Sleeping with the enemy: An essay on mixed identity in the context of violent conflict. (2010) Social Identities. 16(2): 225-246.

Variability in the Behavior of Women in Violent Inter-Group Conflict. (2009) Mankind Quarterly 49: 320-345.

Human Modifications to the Landscape of Hunt and Sheep Mountains, Wyoming: Exploring Socially Constructed Space. (2007) (with A. Vawser). In Digital Discovery: Exploring New Frontiers in Human Heritage. Ed. Jeffery Clark, pp. 203-213. Budapest: Archaeologingua.

To Massacre: A Perspective on Demographic Competition. (2007) Anthropological Quarterly  80(1): 237-251.

Signifying Places of Atrocity. (2006). In Spontaneous Shrines and the Public Memorialization of Death. Ed. J. Santino, pp. 285-303. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.


Professional Memberships:

American Anthropological Association

Society for American Archaeology

Australian Rock Art Research Association