Research & Innovation

Professor Carrie Heitman at Talus Unit #1, September 2015, Chaco Culture National Historical Park. (Photo credit: Ruth Van Dyke)

Faculty Research

Faculty are conducting a variety of innovative research projects as well as research in Digital Heritage. For example, Dr. Wayne Babchuk is pioneering qualitative methods to research land and resource use by San people in Botswana and Namibia. Dr. Martha McCollough is interviewing females from elite and wealthy backgrounds to learn about the wealth-maintenance strategies of this understudied class of people.

Digital Heritage

Other faculty are exploring aspects of Digital Cultural Heritage, concerning the valuing, protection, documentation and understanding of humanity’s shared heritage through application of digital tools, medias and digitally-enabled spaces.

At UNL, members of the Department of Anthropology rely on digital technologies for scholarship, teaching and advancement of anthropological discourse and investigation in Digital Heritage.

  • We teach students to use digital tools in their field and laboratory research.
  • We support faculty digital projects independent of and in cooperation with the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities.
  • We facilitate department-wide digital projects that allow students and faculty to cooperate on common research.
  • And we explore how such technologies enable a wider and deeper sharing of anthropological findings.


Current Faculty Projects