Dear Prospective Graduate Student:

When searching for graduate programs one crucial issue is the degree to which there is a match between a program's expertise and your interest. Discovering a graduate program that meets your intellectual and professional interests will allow you to make the most of your graduate career and put you in a position to realize your goals after graduation. To assist you in this selection process we have arrayed our faculty around a set of departmental research strengths to allow you to more easily determine how and why we may be the place for you to pursue your graduate degree. If you are intrigued after examining our foci and would like to apply, click here for complete information on applying to our Masters Program in Anthropology. The following links will provide you with degree requirements for: Master of Arts in Anthropology and Master of Arts in Professional Archaeology.

If you have further questions about our program please email ( or call me at (402) 472-0172.


Effie Athanassopoulos
Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor


Emphases and MA Specializations in Anthropology:


Applied Anthropology

"The application of anthropological data, theory and methods to identify, assess, and solve contemporary social problems or concerns." (Kottak, 2008)

Faculty: Beyene, Willis


Biological Anthropology

"Seeks to understand human and non-human primate biological variation across geographic space in an evolutionary framework."

Faculty: Beyene, Hames, Hammerl, Osborne, Willis

Affiliated Faculty: Draper


MA Specialization: Ethnic Studies

“Exploring human diversity through the lens of anthropology.”

Faculty: Awakuni-Swetland, Beyene, McCollough


MA Specialization: Environmental Studies

“Examining the human dimension of the environment.”

Faculty: Beyene, Douglass, Hames, Wandsnider


Evolutionary Anthropology

"Examining human behavior from the perspective of evolutionary theory."

Faculty: Hames, Hammerl, Osborne, Wandsnider

Affiliated Faculty: Bleed, Draper


Great Plains Research

"Approaching the human condition - past and present - on the Great Plains of North America."

Faculty: Awakuni-Swetland, Douglass, McCollough, Wandsnider

Affiliated Faculty: Bleed


Historical Archaeology

"Joins the hard evidence of the archeological record with written sources and other historical records."

Faculty: Athanassopoulos, Wandsnider

Affiliated Faculty: Bleed, Hunt, Noble, Scott


MA Specialization: Professional Archaeology

"Prepares students to move immediately into positions of responsibility in heritage or cultural resources management."

Faculty: Athanassopoulos, Douglass, Wandsnider

Affiliated Faculty: Bleed, Bozell, Hunt, Lynott, Noble, Scott