Big Red Express Auditions

Big Red Express Auditions

The Big Red Express is a group of 120 musicians that perform at the Men’s and Women’s Basketball games and the Women’s Volleyball matches. The band also performs for selected special University events. Members of the Big Red Express band must meet and maintain full-time enrollment status at UNL and maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA. Members in good standing receive a scholarship for each semester of participation.

Students who are candidates for the Cornhusker Marching Band have the option of counting their first round marching band audition as their Big Red Express audition.

If you still have questions after reading this information thoroughly, please email the Band Office or call 402/472-2505.

Audition Requirements

Candidates must perform There Is No Place Like Nebraska from memory. Download the music by clicking on the appropriate instrument name below. Start at measure 42. You do not need to play the fanfares. Brass and woodwind players must also play two major scales displaying range and technique. Rhythm and keyboard players must play a solo of their own choosing.

Percussion (drum kit only), guitar and keyboard players should prepare a two to four minute solo (your choice of music).

Audition Music

Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Trumpet I
Trumpet II
Trumpet III
Trombone I
Trombone II
Trombone III
Baritone (treble clef)
Euphonium (bass clef)

You may play the recording of the fight song to help you prepare for the audition. Please note that this recording is the property of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and may not be used for any other purpose without the express written permission of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Audition Dates for the 2015 Fall Semester

Saturday, April 25

Saturday, May 16

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Recorded Auditions

Students that live a great distance from Lincoln or whose schedule conflicts with the established audition dates may submit a recorded audition. Recorded auditions must include a solo or etude of two to four minutes in length and a major scale played to the range of the instrument. Students submitting a recorded audition do not need to include sight reading. Submit the recording prior to June 1, 2015. We prefer mp3 recordings but we will accept CD recordings sent through the U.S. Mail.

Instructions for MP3 Recordings

  • We prefer mp3 recordings.
  • Double check the recording before sending it to us. Make sure that the file opens and plays.
  • Remember that we must be able to differentiate your recording from all other applicants' recordings. Name the file with your instrument, underscore, your last name, underscore, followed by your first name, period, mp3. Example: trumpet_Sample_John.mp3
  • All applicants must submit an on-line registration form. The Band Office will send recording submission instructions after we receive the registration form. There is no need to submit this form a second time if you have already completed it once this spring.