Concert Ensemble Auditions


Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion Auditions for the Wind EnsembleSymphonic BandOrchestra and Opera & Chamber Orchestra.

Membership in these ensembles is determined by a juried audition that takes place during the first week of classes in August for the fall semester and in late November or early December for the spring semester. Audition music is available in May for the fall semester and in November for the spring semester. Printed copies can be obtained from the Glenn Korff School of Music’s instrumental music faculty or by downloading the music from this web page when it becomes available.

All auditions take place in Westbrook Music Building (WMB.)


2014 Spring Semester Large Ensemble Audition Music

Monday, December 2
7:00-9:30 PM flutes in room 114 WMB.

Tuesday, December 3
5:30 PM clarinet auditions in room 9 WMB.

Sunday, December 8
1:00 PM percussion in room 132 WMB
3:00 PM bassoons in room 105 WMB

Monday, December 9
6:30 PM trumpets NOTE THE TIME CHANGE! (The trumpet audition time has been moved forward from 7:30 PM.)
7:00 PM euphoniums in room 114 WMB
7:30 PM tenor trombones and bass trombones in room 114 WMB.
7:30 PM horns in room 105 WMB.

Tuesday, December 10
4:30-6:30 PM, saxophones in room 205 WMB (see audition instructions below.)
5:30 PM oboe auditions in room 109 WMB

Saxophone Instructions:
Prepare two contrasting music selections, not more than five to seven minutes in total length. These examples should demonstrate slow, melodic playing and fast technical ability. Candidates must also sight read.


String Audition Music:

Download the violin music.
Download the cello music.

Bass auditions:
Below you will find links to the bass audition repertoire. You can see the music on the page, there are streaming recorded versions below and (for the Mozart) midi practice track links on the right hand side of the screen. Please note that the performance tempi can be beyond your technique in the streaming excerpts - it is more important that you play the pitches and rhythms accurately than play passages fast and sloppy.

Auditions will take place on Jan 12, the Sunday before classes begin (time TBA.)
Mozart 34 4th Mvt.
Mahler2 1st Mvt.
Brahms 1 1st Mvt.