Cornhusker Summer Marching Band Camp

Cornhusker Summer Marching Band Camp

Camp dates: July 9 — 13, 2017

Registration period: March 9, 2017 through June 9, 2017.

Summer Marching Band Camp Registration Site

Summer Marching Camp flute player
Summer Marching Camp tuba player


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Cornhusker Summer Marching Band Camp fosters leadership, marching fundamentals, and performance skills in all areas of the high school marching band. Participants receive intensive instruction from clinicians on an individual and group basis. The age range of campers is students entering the 9th grade through leaving 12th grade (including graduates).

Most clinic sessions take place outdoors, so participants must come prepared with sunscreen, cool clothing and athletic shoes. The camp finale is an exhibition performance in Memorial Stadium on the final day of the camp. All camp participants perform at this exhibition. All campers are encouraged to live on campus during the camp to take full advantage of evening work sessions and planned activities. Students choosing the resident camper package live in a campus residence hall and dine in the hall's cafeteria. Each floor is supervised by several live-in counselors. Campers must provide their own musical instrument and all accessories such as music lyres, percussion sticks, and flip folders. The University Band Program can provide a limited number of front ensemble percussion instruments. Lockers are available in Westbrook Music Building.

Equipment list for all campers (what to bring with you):

  • your instrument or flag and pole
  • cool, comfortable clothing
  • light, rain coat or poncho
  • pencils
  • notebook
  • athletic shoes
  • water bottle
  • sun block
  • band aids
  • all medications

Disability Accommodation

Conference Services is committed to providing appropriate accommodations to guests with disabilities. In order to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be made, guests with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations must contact the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities at 402/472-3787 at least three weeks prior to their scheduled arrival on campus. Please be prepared to tell that office the name of the conference/camp and dates of attendance.

Summer Marching Band Camp Costs

Camp registration is scheduled for March 9, 2017 through June 9, 2017. We do not accept registration after the deadline. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln does not offer scholarships or reduced fees for the Summer Marching Band Camp. Registration fees are not refundable. Note that registration is handled by Slide Room, a non-University, web site company that is set up to handle credit card transactions in a secure manner. Please inform all parties with signature power on your credit card that Slide Room is the payee for the registration transaction, NOT the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


Campers attend classes and rehearsal sessions throughout the day (approximately 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) under the supervision of clinicians, staff counselors and Glenn Korff School of Music students. Housing is provided in a city campus residence hall supervised by University student counselors and residence hall staff. Meals are provided in the camper's assigned residence hall cafeteria. Bed linen and pillows are provided by the residence hall, however, blankets are not provided.


Campers attend classes and rehearsal sessions from approximately 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. under the supervision of clinicians, staff counselors and Glenn Korff School of Music students. Lunch and dinner is included with this package.

Registration Instructions

Registration from March 9, 2017 through June 9, 2017

  • Go to the Slide Room web page located at
  • Set up an account using the participant's (STUDENT’S) e-mail address and a password of your choice. Be sure to click the SIGN UP button on your first entry. You will be sent an e-mail with a link to activate your account. You can leave and return to the application form repeatedly until you have completed all questions. Click the LOG IN button on return visits to the application site.
  • After you log in click on your name at the top of the screen. Choose Account Information from the drop down menu. This is where the applicant (STUDENT) provides us with contact information. PLEASE use the student’s name and not the parent’s name or the teacher's name (we’ll ask for that information on a subsequent screen).  Remember to click the Save Changes button before exiting this screen.
  • Click on the sentence Back to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Glenn Korff School of Music to return to the list of available programs.
  • The Available Programs screen will appear. Scroll down the screen and click on the appropriate camp name. There are two choices for the Summer Marching Band Camp: Dorm Resident and Non-Resident.
  • Answer all of the questions on each of the screens. Click on the Continue button to take you to each successive screen. You may have to scroll down to see all of the questions depending on the size of your monitor.
  • The final step is payment of the camp fee. Credit card information is required. Click the Submit tab and follow the instructions. The Slide Room site is secure. Your credit card will show a charge from Slide Room, not the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Please communicate this information to all parties responsible for the credit card in question. Note that you cannot return to the form once you complete all of the steps. Registration fees are not refundable.

Summer Marching Band Camp Registration Site

For more information about the camp contact the Band Office.