Middle School Camp Registration

Registration period: February 15, 2014 through June 6, 2014.

The Middle School Band Camp on-line registration form and full payment must be submitted before midnight on June 6, 2014. Contact the band office at band@unl.edu before beginning the registration form if you will be receiving a scholarship from your school or community. Include the camper's name and the name of this camp in your email message. This will help us answer your questions in a timely manner. Registration fees are not refundable.
 Please note that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln does not award scholarships for the Middle School Band Camp.


The Middle School Band Camp registration form AND full payment must be submitted by midnight on June 6, 2014. No exceptions will be made to this deadline. Fees are payable via credit or debit card only.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Parents and/or band directors, PLEASE use the camper's name when setting up a Slide Room account. The software downloads using the account name as the primary field which we have to assume is the camper's name. There are places later in the registration form to supply a parent's name and the credit card holder's name.

You can start the registration form on one computer and finish it on another, however, you must remember your username and password. Please read the registration instructions on the right side of this page PRIOR to completing the form.

The form is quite easy to use so feel free to log on and start a registration. You can change your answers; stop and come back later; add your credit card information at another time; or delete the entry completely; until you click the submit button. Incomplete registrations will be invalid after June 9.

Call the Band Office at 402/472-2505 if you have registration questions or problems with the software.

Camp materials and the schedule will be available AFTER June 6, however, please give us a few days to download the registration data.


  1. Go to the web page located at https://unlmusic.slideroom.com/
  2. The student or a parent can set up an account using an e-mail address that you check regularly, and a password of your choice. Be sure to click the SIGNUP link if you are a new user. Return users should click on the log in button, if you remember your username and password. PLEASE USE THE CAMPER’S NAME TO SET UP THE ACCOUNT and not the parent’s name or the band director’s name (we’ll ask for that information on a subsequent screen.)  Use of a parent’s or band director’s name will cause confusion for the camp administrators. Call Rose Johnson at 402/472-2505 if you need clarification on this point. Note that you cannot use the same username and password for two students from the same family. You can leave and return to the registration form repeatedly until you have completed all questions and have included your credit or debit card information. Click the LOG IN link on return visits to the registration site. It is best that band directors not submit registration forms for their students since the software is set up for credit card payment only.
  3. Click on the name of the camp package of your choice under the Directory heading. A folder icon will appear on this screen under Pending Submissions if you exit the registration form and return at a later time. Click on that icon to resume your registration when you return. The sign-out menu is under your account name.
  4. Answer all of the questions on each of the screens. Click on the Next Step button to take you to each successive screen. Note that the Next Step button will remain inactive (grayed out) until you have answered all of the mandatory questions on each screen. You may have to scroll down to see all of the questions depending on the size of your monitor or screen. The final step is payment of the appropriate camp registration fees. Credit card information is required. Click the Payment Confirmation button and then click the Submit button. Note that you cannot return to the form once you click the submit button. Your credit card statement will show a payment to Slide Room, not the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.