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We encourage you to consider attending the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and to continue your involvement with bands in one of our fine ensembles.

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No doubt you're both excited and a little nervous about the huge array of activities and responsibilities that could await you in Lincoln.  Don't despair.  Not only are there plenty of people specially trained to help you navigate your first year on campus, but there are also ways of feeling at home right away.  Perhaps the best way to make a niche for yourself is to continue some of your favorite activities with a new group of people.  Feeling at home in the band room never really goes away even though the room might change.  All of the band directors and staff at the University are hoping that you will take advantage of the fact that we have a band room here, and we hope to see you in it early and often.  With seven bands to choose from there is definitely a place for you in Westbrook (that's the building that houses the Glenn Korff School of Music).

Playing auditions for the marching band and the pep band are scheduled in the spring; the concert ensemble auditions are scheduled for the first week of classes in August and in late in the fall semster for the spring semester.

  • The Cornhusker Marching Band (fall semester): woodwinds, brass, percussion, color guard; auditions in two rounds, May and August; performs in Memorial Stadium.
  • The Big Red Express (fall and spring semesters): woodwinds, brass, rhythm section; auditions are in the spring; performs for all home volleyball, men's and women's basketball games.
  • The Campus Bands (spring semester): woodwinds, brass, percussion; no audition; performs in Kimball Hall; lots of marching band folks in this group during the off season.
  • The Symphonic Band (fall and spring semesters): woodwinds, brass, percussion, double bass, piano; auditions in August and December; performs in Kimball Hall; this is a large concert band that plays great classic repertoire.
  • The Wind Ensemble (fall and spring semesters): woodwinds, brass, percussion, double bass, piano, harp; auditions in August and December; performs in Kimball Hall; this is a small concert band that plays contemporary repertoire.

Important facts:

  • There are approximately 475 students involved in the band program each year.
  • About 75% of the students in the band program are NOT music majors.
  • There are more than 90 different academic majors represented in the various bands.
  • The vast majority of people involved in bands on campus participate in more than one, or for more than one semester.
  • The college band scene is different from most high school programs, so if you're feeling burnt out give it a try; you will appreciate the change of atmosphere.
  • Instruments are available from the Glenn Korff School of Music if you don't have your own.
  • Each band is considered a class for which you register (1 credit hour); registering for band before auditions is a good idea as it clears the rehearsal time in your schedule.  Then if you don't make it or choose another group it is a simple procedure to drop and add.
  • The word audition is often a scary one; rest assured that the process is as user-friendly as we can possibly make it.  We're nice people who really want you to be involved so don't be shy.
  • The ensembles of the University band program perform for more than one million people each year; we are one of the largest and most active programs on campus.

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