Career Services

230 Nebraska Union
(402) 472-3145

  • 20-min Walk-ins M-F, 10-4
  • Appointments M-F, 8-5

Career Resource Center
225 Nebraska Union

Career Services East
303 East Campus Union
(402) 472-8273

Career Services at CBA
CBA 138
(402) 472-7272


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Career Services is a centralized, comprehensive career center for students, alumni, faculty, and employers. Through career counseling and career exploration services, students and alumni develop job-search and career decision-making skills and strategies. Working with academic colleges, Career Services offers students self-knowledge and employment options to prepare them for the workforce, professional or graduate school, or alternative employment.

Policies for Use of UNL Career Services by Student/Alumni and Employers

Nebraska Union


Career Counselors

Bill Watts
Director of University Advising & Career Services | bio

Dr. Chris Timm, Associate Director | bio
Liaison to: College of Engineering, Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center

Thomas Allison, Assistant Director | bio
Liaison to: College of Business Administration, Services for Students with Disabilities

Dr. Becky Faber, Assistant Director | bio
Liaison to: College of Education and Human Sciences, Graduate Studies, Honors Program, Admissions

Dr. Jake Kirkland Jr., Assistant Director | bio
Liaison to: Gaughan Multi-Cultural Center, OASIS, Trio Programs, Student Support Services

Dr. Kelli K. Smith, Assistant Director | bio
Liaison to: College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Emily Wilber, Assistant Director | bio
Liaison to: College of Journalism & Mass Communication, College of Architecture, College of Fine & Performing Arts

College Career Specialists

Office Management and Reception

Career Resource Center

Student Staff

Matt Heng
Kayla Thege
Alex Lopez
Janessa Onwiler
Lauren Ball
Peyton Tobin

Career Services Partners

Individual Career Services staff members act as points of contact for each college as well as some departments and programs. In addition, partners across campus participate in planning and programming.

College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Julie Obermeyer

College of Arts & Sciences
Christina Fielder
Celeste Spier

College of Business Administration
Jeannine Berge
Dr. Rachel Larson
Sarah Barg
Katie Sewell

College of Engineering
Lark Bear

College of Law
Tasha Everman

Alumni Association
Shelley Zaborowski
Dr. Larry Routh

Athletic Department
Keith Zimmer

Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising
Katie Kerr

Honors Program
Ann Koopmann

Raikes School of Computer Science and Management
Lori McClurg