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Career Services
230 Nebraska Union
(402) 472-3145


20-Minute Walk-ins

Weekdays 10AM-4PM

By Appointment

Call or schedule on-line
using MyPLAN

Career Services East
303 East Campus Union
(402) 472-8273

Career Services at CBA
CBA 138
(402) 472-7272

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Career Services is a centralized, comprehensive career center for students, alumni, faculty, and employers. Through career counseling and career exploration services, students and alumni develop job-search and career decision-making skills and strategies. Working with academic colleges, Career Services offers students self-knowledge and employment options to prepare them for the workforce, professional or graduate school, or alternative employment.

Use of UNL Career Services is extended to:

  1. Students enrolled for the current semester in a UNL degree program (or a joint academic program* with UNK, UNL, or UNMC).
  2. UNL Alumni who are in good standing.

Policy for Use of UNK, UNL, UNMC & UNO Career Services By University of Nebraska Students & Alumni

University of Nebraska career services are designed to meet the needs of enrolled students and alumni. In some cases, students or alumni from UNK, UNL, UNMC and UNO are permitted to use specific career services provided by another campus of the University of Nebraska.

Fees may be required for services and events according to the policy of the individual campus.

The following services at UNL, UNO, UNK, and UNMC are usually open to students and alumni of the University of Nebraska.

  • INFORMATION - Career information, vacancy listings, employer publications and other informational resources are usually available for use by students and alumni of the University of Nebraska System. Some resources, such as vacancy listings on the web, may be restricted to students and alumni from their respective campus of graduation.

  • EMPLOYER PRESENTATIONS AND CAREER EVENTS - Many employers present information about their organizations at career days or other special events. They do this to educate students about career opportunities and to attract students to interview with their organizations. These events are often open to students and alumni of the University of Nebraska system, unless the event is sponsored by a student organization requiring membership.

The following services at UNL, UNO, UNK and UNMC are usually restricted to students and alumni of their respective campus.

  • CAREER COUNSELING - Students and alumni seeking individual career counseling should meet with counselors from their respective campus of graduation.
  • ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEWS AND REFERRAL SYSTEMS - Students enrolled in joint academic programs will be permitted to schedule interviews or participate in referral systems on participating campuses.
  • CREDENTIAL SYSTEMS - Higher education students and teachers should obtain employment services from their respective campus of graduation.

Eligible Joint Programs 

Important Husker Hire Link User Agreement

Husker Hire Link is a service provided to the eligible individuals as mentioned above and for employers seeking University of Nebraska – Lincoln candidates for employment.

As a user of Husker Hire Link, users agree to:

  • Maintain current, accurate and truthful information about my qualifications and educational background in my online profile, my resume and any supplemental job search documents I upload to the system.
  • Keep all my profile information up to date, including my educational and demographic information.
  • Protect and maintain my username and password.
  • Abide by the UNL Career Services No Show Policy regarding on campus interviews including requirements for canceling interviews
  • Abide by UNL Computer Use Policies

I understand that using Husker Hire Link is a privilege and not a right and can be suspended or terminated at the discretion of UNL Career Services without review by UNL.

NOTICE: By using Husker Hire Link through University of Nebraska-Lincoln Career Services, I have the option of inclusion in resume books. If I participate in resume books, I am consenting to the release of my resume and certain employment related information. University of Nebraska-Lincoln staff will use their best efforts to verify that only bona fide employers are given the password for accessing Husker Hire Link services to list vacancies, access resumes and schedule interviews with student and alumni subscribers. Students and alumni using Husker Hire Link, or similar web-based job search sites, should use good judgement in sharing personal information with potential employers. If in doubt about sharing requested information with a Husker Hire Link employer, please consult UNL Career Services.

If you would like assistance with your Husker Hire Link account, stop by UNL Career Services Resource Center located in room 225 of the Nebraska Union or contact us at (402) 472-8054.

NACE and Equal Employment Opportunity

In order to provide fair and equitable services to our students and employers, the Career Center and its clients adhere to the following policies:

Employers must subscribe to the National Association of Colleges and Employer (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice, the Department of Labor laws and regulations, and to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recruitment and employment guidelines and laws established by the Federal and Nebraska governments. We do not knowingly furnish assistance and facilities for interviewing or other career services functions to employers who discriminate in their selection of employees on the basis of sex, age, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, veterans status, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to employers for factors such as the following:

  • Misrepresentation by dishonesty or lack of information
  • Fraud
  • Complaints by students
  • Harassment of UNL students, alumni, or staff
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Requiring, at the time of application, personal information such as bank and social security numbers
  • Positions not likely of interest to college students or alumni
  • Excessive outlay of personal funding required to obtain the position
  • Failure to adhere to Career Services policies and/or any violation of UNL rules and regulations, and local, state, or federal laws.

We also reserve the right to refuse service to third party recruiters:

Third Party Recruiters

Third party recruiters are agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting candidates for employment opportunities other than for their own needs. Third party recruiters using UNL Career Services are expected to follow the same policies and procedures established for recruiters representing their own organization. In addition, third party recruiters are expected to adhere to several specific practices to ensure open and accurate communication with UNL students.

Career Services will provide assistance to third party agencies only when a third party recruiter meets the following conditions:

  • Meets the NACE and EEOC policies and laws described above
  • Charges no fees to the candidate
  • Reveals to Career Services the identity of the employer being represented and the nature of the relationship between the agency and the employer, and permits the career center to verify this information by contacting the named client
  • If requested, provides a position description to Career Services for valid openings.

On-Campus Interviews and Career Fairs - Third party recruiters are allowed to interview on campus or participate in career fairs when the above conditions are met. Career Services may require the name of the employer being represented to be identified on all announcements.

Referrals - By policy, Career Services typically releases resumes to direct hire employers only. However, resume referrals may be processed for third party recruiters and/or search firms if the name and location of the hiring company is disclosed and Career Services is provided permission to verify this information by contacting the named client. In order to process a resume referral, we need a job description including the name of the hiring company.

Job Postings - Third party recruiters may provide job announcements to UNL Career Services for posting. Posting is not to be construed as sanction, approval or recommendation of recruiters.

Additional Policy Information

Work Authorization - In compliance with a Department of Justice determination, Career Services does not permit the use of work authorization, visa status, or citizenship data in Husker Hire Link job postings. More information can be found at Department of Justice.

Legal Compliance Notice Regarding Internships - Career Services expects employers to be aware of the legal issues governing internships and co-op programs. More information can be found in the Fair Labor Standards Act and the NACE position statement on U.S. internships.

Use of UNL Career Services is extended to:

  • UNL Faculty
  • UNL Administrative Staff

UNL Career Services staff is willing to assist faculty and staff serve students, alumni, and employers. Let us help you.

Husker Hire Link connects UNL students/alumni with employers. Students may post and send resumes; search jobs, internships, and employers; request on-campus interviews; and stay updated on career opportunities. The Faculty/Staff account allows users to access employer, job, and internship listing information including on-campus recruiting activity such as interviews, career fairs, and information sessions. Users can also recommend specific opportunities directly to students.

Faculty/staff may request a Husker Hire Link Faculty/Staff account here.

Important Husker Hire Link User Agreement

UNL Career Services serves as the sole provider of Husker Hire Link technology (NACElink – powered by Symplicity).

In a manner consistent with guidelines put forth in the National Association of Colleges and Employers Principles for Professional Practice as well as the Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring, Career Services is providing UNL faculty and staff a courtesy Husker Hire Link account. This account is intended to provide faculty and staff the most useful Career Services information for advising your students - job listings, on-campus recruiting, programs, workshops, employer information sessions and career fairs. All users must complete and maintain an accurate profile within Husker Hire Link and abide by the following terms and conditions.

Users of the courtesy Faculty/Staff Husker Hire Link account understand that they will:

  1. access the account for student advising purposes only;
  2. not release their account username and password to any other persons;
  3. not use the system to contact students for other means nor share student contact information with other parties;
  4. not solicit employers or share employer information with other parties;
  5. refer employers to Career Services for assistance when appropriate;
  6. give credit to informational and job sources where appropriate;
  7. lose access privileges if they fail to uphold this user agreement.

I understand that failing to comply with these guidelines may result in the removal of access privileges to Husker Hire Link.