On-Campus Student Jobs

On-campus Search Tips

Many on-campus jobs are filled by word-of-mouth or in-house ads and may not appear on our listings. Contact any departments of interest directly. The following departments maintain their own web listings:

Tips for Applying

  • Consider your favorite retailers, services and organizations as potential employers.
  • Apply early to get a head-start on the competition
  • Write a resume and have it reviewed by Career Services
  • Prepare an outfit appropriate for an interview
225 NEBRASKA UNION 20 Minute Walk-ins | Hour Appointments through MyPLAN

On-campus Search Tips

Many on-campus jobs are filled by word-of-mouth or in-house ads and may not appear on our listings. Contact any departments of interest directly. The following departments maintain their own web listings:

Tips for Applying

  • Consider your favorite retailers, services and organizations as potential employers.
  • Apply early to get a head-start on the competition
  • Write a resume and have it reviewed by Career Services
  • Prepare an outfit appropriate for an interview
225 NEBRASKA UNION 20 Minute Walk-ins | Hour Appointments through MyPLAN

Student worker positions are only available to students who are enrolled, regularly attending classes at, and working for the university as a form of merit-based student financial assistance provided through the university. Employment in student worker positions will not be covered by any program of unemployment insurance.

Jobs updated Friday, January 23, 2015

Nebraska Educational Telecommunications - EAST CAMPUS
NET - Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
NET is in search of hardworking students to assist us with a variety of general customer service tasks. Part-time positions for students who are detail-oriented, have excellent computer skills, organizational skills, interpersonal skills, the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines, and work independently. Availability to work 8-12 am or 1-5 p.m Tuesday thru Thursday preferred. 12-20 hours/week. TO APPLY: Submit your resume and cover letter to clund@netnebraska.org and jthomsen@netnebraska.org.

Behavior Coding/Student Worker
UNL Survey Research and Methodology
Are you looking for research experience with a faculty member at UNL? Help with an NSF funded research project is needed for 10-20 hours per week. The study involves examining how interviewers and respondents interact during telephone surveys. Work will start immediately. Pay is $8.50 per hour. Schedules are flexible. If after some time you find the work interesting, we are willing to explore the potential to do honors thesis, internships, conference presentations, etc. TO APPLY: Interested people should contact Dr. Jolene Smyth (jsmyth2@unl.edu; 402-472-0662).

Landscape Services - CITY & EAST CAMPUS
UNL Landscape Services
Work Study and Student Workers - City and East Campus Work Study and Student workers are needed at Landscape Services. We have positions available on both City & East Campuses. Starting wage is $8.50 per hour. Our normal work schedule is 7:00 am-3:30 pm, M-F. Job entails all aspects of Landscape Maintenance. A valid driver’s license is required and you must have at least 7 points remaining of 12 points on your driving record to be eligible for employment. You must be at least 18 years old. TO APPLY: Applications are available online http://fmo.unl.edu/landscape-services/student-employment, at the City Campus Office, 1309 N. 17th St. or at the East Campus Office, East Campus Loop (north of Tractor Test). If you have questions call Susan Budler (472-1229) or e-mail at sbudler1@unl.edu.

Student Caller -CITY CAMPUS
University of Nebraska Call Center
Are you looking for a campus related job that will give you extra cash while having a blast? Apply to the University of Nebraska- Lincoln Phonathon! We are looking for full-time undergraduate students that are passionate about their school, and possess a positive, friendly attitude and an aptitude for learning. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside your fellow classmates as you call and network with University of Nebraska- Lincoln alumni, parents, and friends. The purpose of the Phonathon is to raise support from those groups, so you’ll be able to give back to UNL while working in an exciting and fun environment. Shifts are 5:30 to 9:00pm Monday through Thursday, and Sunday shifts are 1:30 to 5:00pm and 5:30 to 9:00pm. Callers are required to work ONE Sunday shift and TWO week day shifts. Additional hours will become available if callers are interested! Salary begins at $8.00 an hour for new callers. During shifts, you’ll have the opportunity to play games, win UNL prizes and gear, and socialize with your friends all while connecting with alumni who are as passionate about UNL as you. The Call Center is located in 1010 Lincoln Mall, Suite 300; so you won’t have to worry about a tough commute! Calling begins the week of January 12th (with TBD training shifts) but interested students should reach out now in order to secure a spot at the Phonathon. In addition, if you are a returning caller, you must reapply. Please note: We are classified as an off-campus position. You must be eligible for off-campus employment if you apply. To apply, please visit the call center website: http://unl.thecallingcenter.com/. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail the manager: Casandra.Adams@ruffalocody.com

Operations Center Student Assistant - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Information Services
Monitor the operational integrity of the UNL network, the continuing operation of UNL systems and data centers and a campus alarm system. Assist customers calling into a 24-hour-a-day/7-day-a-week UNL Operations Center serving the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the State of Nebraska governmental agencies. Provide tier one support for networking, systems and datacenter operations. Monitor all types of alarms (fire, security and temperature, equipment) for the University. Answer incoming calls for the University & State offices. Provide basic audio conferencing services and provide after hours answering services and support. Demonstrate knowledge of computer and networking terminology. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written. Proven problem solving and diagnostic skills. Must be able to remain calm in emergency situations. QUALIFICATIONS: 1) Reasonably flexible and hard working, 2) Hours arranged as position is a 24-hour operation, must be able to work a variety of 1st (8am-5pm) and 2nd shifts (4pm-12 midnight), including evenings and weekends, 3) Must have a valid operator's license. Pay is $8.20/hour for approximately 20 hours/week. Work-Study preferred, but will consider all applicants. TO APPLY: Apply at http://is.unl.edu/jobs .

Student Life Complex Tutors- CITY CAMPUS
UNL Student Life Center
The Student Life Complex is now accepting applications for tutorial positions! Tutors set their own availability and hours will vary based on courses/availability. WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR ALL COURSES! Here are just a few of the specific needs we are looking to fill: ACCT 309: ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS AGRO 315: GENETICS ASCI 100: FUND ANI BIO&INDUST COMM 101: COMM IN 21ST CENTURY ECON 422: INTERNATNL FINANCE ETHN 217: NATIONALITY&RACE REL GEOG 378: GEOG LATIN AMERICA GEOL 100: INTRO TO GEOLOGY GERO 200: INTRO TO GERONTOLOGY POLS 160: INTERNATNL RELATIONS SOCI 206: INTRO SOC RSH II SOCI 217: NATIONALITY&RACE REL WMNS 388: BODY LANG-FRENCH LIT PAY: Undergraduate pay is $9.00 an hour! REQUIREMENTS: We require all tutors to be at least Junior standing at UNL with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Tutors are eligible to tutor any course in which they received an A- or higher or prerequisites for those courses (ie: if you got an A- in MATH 104, you could also tutor MATH 101 or MATH 100A if interested). TO APPLY: Please complete the attached application, listing any and all courses you'd be interested in tutoring, and email it to Andrea Einspahr at aeinspahr@huskers.com. Please include a PDF of your unofficial transcript. To access the application, login to Husker Hire Link http://www.unl.edu/careers. For assistance with Husker Hire Link, contact Career Services, 225 NE Union, 402.472.3145

Writing Center Assistant - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Writing Center
Writing Center Assistants provide reception and other support functions for the Writing Center, including greeting visitors, answering phones, scheduling appointments, entering data, and providing general academic resource and referral information. Writing Center Assistants must be prepared to act in a friendly and professional manner, work as a member of a team, maintain confidentiality where required, and attend required staff meetings and training sessions. Applicants must be willing to commit to a weekly schedule, demonstrate professional written and oral communication abilities, and demonstrate an ability to perform daily administrative tasks. PAY: $8.00/hr HOURS: 8-18/week TO APPLY: Email resume and cover letter to: razima2@unl.edu

Dining Service Assistant-Lewis Dining Center--CITY CAMPUS
UNL Athletics - Hewit Center
The Lewis Dining Center (Training Table) is looking for dependable, motivated individuals to work in various kitchen and serving positions during the lunch meal. Flexible hours between 8:00-2:30, Monday through Friday. Food Service/Nutrition/Restaurant Experience Helpful. TO APPLY: Apply at the Lewis Dining Center located in Memorial Stadium.

Graphic Design Consultant -JOB #11415 - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Information Services
Information Technology Services would like to add a student worker to our team! Work on a student team in a highly creative and collaborative environment. Duties include graphic design and editing utilizing appropriate software as well as helping and or training students to use graphic design software. Knowledge of graphic based software such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator desired. Learn new technology and develop problem-solving skills. Creativity and enthusiasm for new technology are highly valued on our team. PAY/HOURS: $11.00/hour for up to 20 hours/week. TO APPLY: Apply online at http://its.unl.edu/jobs/

Healthy Husker - CITY CAMPUS
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Health Center
Healthy Huskers are Peer Educators working to support the mission of the University Health Center. Healthy Huskers strive to make a difference in the lives of other students by educating them on many important wellness topics including, but not limited to alcohol, healthy eating, safer sex, sleep, stress, etc. Responsibilities: Attend a one credit hour class during the fall semester & staff meetings throughout the year; come prepared and be engaged. Act as a representative for the University Health Center. Distribute & promote health materials and information. Staff campaign events and health fairs. Give presentations & facilitate workshops to the campus community. Practice good time management and organizational skills. Use excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Have the ability to work independently as well as a team player. Be willing to learn new information about important topics that may sometimes be awkward. Flexible schedule - able to work some days, evenings, and weekends. Some students may have the opportunity to provide HIV testing and counseling or work with staff on grant funded projects. Perform other duties as assigned. HOURS: 2/8 hours per week; 2015-2016 academic year. TO APPLY: View complete details at: http://health.unl.edu/hpo/apply/hh

Residence Hall/Housing Facilities Live In Mechanic & Student Mechanic - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Central Facilities Operations and Student Family Housing
Live-in Mechanics and Student Mechanics needed in Selleck Residence Hall and Abel/Sandoz Residence Hall. The live-in mechanic provides evening and weekend emergency service in a residence hall complex, and able to work 10 – 15 hours per week during regular work hours. Duties include responding to malfunction of equipment, emergency repairs such as plugged toilets and sinks, malfunctioning locks, cleanup of restrooms, and other tasks, as well as regular maintenance on a routine basis. The student mechanic assists staff in regular maintenance tasks on a routine basis, and other tasks similar to above. Student Mechanic pay is $8.75 per hour. TO APPLY: Call Selleck Facilities Office at 402-472-1083 or apply in person at 600 North 15th, Room #8005; or, call Abel-Sandoz Facilities Office at 402-472-1017 or apply in person at 880 North 17th Street.

Student Custodian - CITY & EAST CAMPUS
UNL Central Facilities Operations and Student Family Housing
Weekend, part-time student Custodians needed in the Residence Hall Complexes to assist in cleaning and maintaining facilities at University Housing’s residence halls. Duties include cleaning and attending restrooms in living areas and public lobbies, cleaning public areas, cleaning steps inside and outside the building, cleaning laundry areas and dining halls, and other duties as assigned. There is lifting, bending, climbing and walking required to do these jobs. TO APPLY: If you are interested, please contact the Facilities Office directly at the complex you would like to work. They are: Selleck/Kauffman/Neihardt 472-1083; Burr-Fedde (East campus) 472-1028; Harper/Schramm/Smith/Village, 472-1068; Abel/Sandoz/Courtyards, 472-1017; and Knoll/University Suites/Eastside Suites, 472-1048. Student custodian pay is $8.75 per hour.

Wellness Advocate - CITY CAMPUS
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Health Center
Wellness Advocates are students employed by the University Health Center, Health Promotion and Outreach, working to support the mission of the UHC. In this role you have the opportunity to promote the adoption of lifestyle choices for lifelong health and wellbeing, addressing the diverse health and wellness needs of your peers, the college students with whom you assist. Wellness Advocates provide care for minor illnesses/injuries, consultation, education on pertinent college health topics that affect academic performance, and serve as a resource. This is a live-in position in a UNL Residence Hall or Greek House. Wellness Advocates must live in the service area that they apply for in the 2015-2016 academic year. HOURS: 10 hours per week; 2015-16 academic year TO APPLY: Complete the online application at: http://health.unl.edu/hpo/apply/wa Deadline is February 27, 2015

Outdoor Adventures Staff - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Campus Recreation
We are currently seeking motivated individuals to join our Climbing Staff, Equipment Rental, Bike Shop and Adventure Trip program who have a passion for the outdoors, enjoy learning new skills, and have a genuine desire to teach others. Mission: To Engage Individuals and Groups in Adventure Experiences for Escape, Education & Enjoyment. The Outdoor Adventures program is student-driven. This means that students are empowered and trained to plan and lead programs which have included activities and destinations in the past such as backpacking in the Grand Canyon, rock climbing in Arkansas, paddling in Nebraska, teaching top rope classes, leading challenge course programs, and assisting customers with a variety of equipment and gear rental needs. We operate programs 7 days a week, during school breaks, and some holidays. Your success depends on your ability to be detail oriented, professional, organized, and pro-active with your own development. Basic Duties Climbing Wall: Serves as the primary tool for management of risk at the Indoor Climbing Facility; Supervises participants in use of facility; Performs skill checks to standard, ensuring each participant passed can effectively demonstrate their competency of skill and understanding; Foster and/or reinforce social nature of facility, connecting patrons, encouraging community, etc. Basic Duties Equipment Rental: Serves as the primary point for customer contact with OA Program; Money Handling/ Credit Card/ Ncard transactions; Outdoor equipment competency; set up/ use/ take down; Educate customers on use of OA rental items; Foster and/or reinforce social nature of facility, connecting patrons, encouraging community, etc. Feel free to contact Grace directly with any further questions. Grace Andrews gandrews7@unl.edu 402-472-3325 PAY: $8.00/hour. HOURS: 10-12 hours per week. TO APPLY: Please submit a cover letter and the UNL Campus Recreation Employment Application (http://crec.unl.edu/facilities/pdf/crecemployeeapplicaton.pdf) to Grace Andrews via gandrews7@unl.edu no later than 5:00pm January 23, 2015 -- interview date TBA. The application is attached to this job posting in Husker Hire Link, Career Services' online job listing service at www.unl.edu/careers.

Account Executive - CITY CAMPUS
Daily Nebraskan
Looking for a fun and exciting job in sales? A great way to boost your resume and experience? Apply to work at The Daily Nebraskan as an Account Executive. A commission based pay with real life clients. If you are self-motivated and want to get your foot in the door. HOURS: 8-15 per week. TO APPLY: Email your resume to dn@unl.edu or Apply in person at 1400 R St, below Wells Fargo, lower level of the student union.

Student Tutor - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Student Support Services
To assist Student Support Services’ students in learning course material and developing study skills so that they may achieve satisfactory performance in a course. Responsibilities: 1. Meet with assigned student tutees on a regular basis. During tutoring sessions, tutors will determine tutorial objectives, prepare learning activities, and help tutees enhance their understanding of concepts and skills required by the course. 2. Complete tutee/tutor evaluations at the end of four-week periods for each tutee. The evaluation includes your assessment of the effectiveness of the tutoring sessions (e.g. tutee’s course grade, attendance, comprehension of material). 3. Submit time sheets weekly to the Tutoring Coordinator documenting session date, and time with tutor’s and tutee’s signatures. 4. Attend tutor training and workshops, mandatory attendance to continue employment. 5. Inform the Tutoring Coordinator of any worrisome academic or personal problems of tutees so that appropriate action or referral can be made. We are seeking tutors for all courses. QUALIFICATIONS: •Tutors must be UNL undergraduate or graduate students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00. •Tutors must be strongly committed to learning and must be sensitive to the individual problems of a wide range of students. •Tutors need strong interpersonal communication skills in order to express ideas clearly to under prepared students. TO APPLY: Applications can be found online at http://www.unl.edu/trio/sss/tutors.shtml or in person at 220 Canfield Administration Building. Applications must be printed and turned in to the Student Support Services office.

Undergraduate Student Assistant - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Graduate Studies
The Office of Graduate Studies has an opening for undergraduate student assistant. Employment will begin at the beginning of the spring semester or slightly before if the student is available. Position will assist in evaluating, researching, and entering information regarding prospective graduate students in a Customer Relationship Management system for the purpose of recruitment. The Office of Graduate Studies is seeking a responsible, effective communicator with excellent organization and accuracy for data entry with the ability to follow directions. Student Assistant must have familiarity with conversational English, as well as proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other Office applications. Applicant should be capable of performing in-depth Internet searches, have a sharp eye for detail and possess the ability to work as part of a team in a fast-paced office environment with minimal supervision. Student must be able to work at least 12 hours between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday during the spring semester. Hourly wage is $7.25. TO APPLY: Contact Kevin Ashmos at kevin.ashmos@unl.edu for an application.

Courier Services - CITY & EAST CAMPUSES
UNL Transportation / Courier Services
University of Nebraska Courier services is looking for students to work part-time hours. Courier shifts are generally 3-4 hours, and start at 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Applicants are required to be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at UNL, and have a valid driver's license. Applicants must be able to pass a drivers record check, preferably with no traffic violations, and pass a criminal history background check. Courier Duties: Our couriers deliver packages for the University and other state agencies to locations in and around the UNL campuses and other parts of Lincoln. Sometimes, a courier may also pick up a person and take him/her to and from other buildings and the airport. Couriers should be self-starters with the ability to accomplish tasks even when conditions become more difficult. Couriers should also be able to work with little to no supervision. It is beneficial to be familiar with all parts of both campuses and surrounding locations to be successful at this job. •Safe driving habits are required •Maintain routine tasks throughout employment •Accomplish the job 100% accurately •Be dependable Benefits: •Study during downtime •Improve time management and self-efficiency skills •Flexibility with classes is available •No work on weekends evenings PAY: $8.00/hour. HOURS: 3-4 hours, and start at 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. TO APPLY: Email resume with available working hours to Ms. Shawn Hunt, shunt2@unl.edu.

Dairy Store Staff - EAST CAMPUS
UNL Dairy Store
Come be part of a Husker tradition! The UNL Dairy Store is looking for Part-time help during the daytime, 8AM - 2PM, multiple positions are available with flexible hours. Come join a team where the fun never ends. We offer competitive wages, a casual working environment and flexible scheduling around class schedule. Excellent customer service skills and smiles are a must. Work study is preferred, but not required. We're seeking individuals that can commit now and throughout the next school year. TO APPLY: Pick up and complete an application at the Dairy Store (114 Food Industry Complex), Monday - Friday between 8am - 2pm.

Keurig Student Promoter - CITY CAMPUS & EAST CAMPUS
We are looking for Student Translators on your campus that are outgoing, active on social media, and highly influential with their peers. Ideal candidates will love coffee, be excited to strengthen their marketing and event planning skills, and be active in student organizations/campus activities. Must be comfortable talking with new people. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: * Be the face of Keurig® on your campus and actively engage peers about Keurig® Brewers and the variety of K-Cup® Packs * Promote Keurig® through word-of-mouth marketing by conducting 40 in-depth conversations with fellow students each week * Conduct two tabling events of sampling Keurig® each week on campus * Integrate yourself and Keruig® into one large event each month on campus * Distribute promotional collateral * Promote Keurig® Brewers and K-Cup® Packs to encourage coupon redemption in-store and online * Utilize social media to display Keurig® Brewers and K-Cup® Packs, promote contests, and publicize program-related events * Promote and execute exciting activations and engaging events on-campus * Document activity weekly via reports, photos, videos, and blogs Additional Requirements: * Translators are required to be full-time undergraduate students. * Translators may not concurrently work another Fluent program. * Translators must attend an online training webinar prior to the start of the program. * Translators must attend a brief weekly status call. * Translators must be able to commit 10-12 hours per week for the duration of the program. WHEN? This is a 12-week paid position with the start date of February 9th 2015. INCENTIVES? * $125/week stipend for the 12-week term paid in full upon successful completion of the program. * Two Keurig® Brewers and K-Cup® Packs. * Ongoing contests to earn additional prizes and cash bonuses. * Valuable promotional and marketing experience to add to your resume! TO APPLY: Email resume to: Jessiem@fluentgrp.com

Student Worker - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Computer Science & Engineering
Position is not open to Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors or minors, due to the confidential documents involved. Open to undergraduates only. Pull financial documents to be reconciled. General office duties (Greet and direct visitors, filing, answer phones, errands, type letters, data entry, record keeping). Other duties as assigned. Must have excellent customer service and be proficient in Word and Excel. Preferable Macintosh experience. Must be able to work with confidential payroll and financial documents. Accuracy is essential. Seeking a highly motivated, independent worker. No programming work involved. Prefer business students but will consider others. $8.50 per hour, 15-20 weekly. TO APPLY: Submit resume to dheckens1@unl.edu or via Husker Hire Link. For assistance with Husker Hire Link, please visit our Career Resource center in room 225 Nebraska Union.

UNL Women’s Soccer Student Manager - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Athletics
The student manager is responsible for daily management and maintenance of soccer equipment, practice setup, statistical analysis, and game-day operations. This position requires both an extensive knowledge of soccer as well as a passion for the game. The manager must be highly organized, proactive, and efficient. Experience with spreadsheets and camcorder operation is preferred. Strong interpersonal skills are essential for this position. The student manager must be available for all practices during the fall season as well as weekends (May travel with the team for away games, leaving Thursday and returning Sunday). Specific Skills: Use of video equipment (camcorder / DVD burner), statistical analysis using Excel Building & Room: Hawks Championship Center Number of Positions: 1 Hourly Pay: $8.00 Weekly Hours: 20 Days & Hours: M-F between 9AM – 12:30PM, weekends & holidays (Must be able to work at all practices) Start Date: January 12, 2015 TO APPLY: If you are available and interested in this position, please contact Peter Underwood at punderwood@huskers.com.

Field/Laboratory Assistant - CITY CAMPUS
UNL Center for Plant Science Innovation
The Sally Mackenzie laboratory is looking for a dependable, enthusiastic undergraduate student to work part-time. Duties will vary by the season, but will generally involve field work from mid-spring through fall, and laboratory work from early winter through early spring. Greenhouse work may be year-round. The assistant will likely work with multiple plant species, including sorghum, soybean, tomato, millet and Arabidopsis. Training will be provided. Applicant must be available during summer months, and preferably able to provide own transportation for occasions when field work will be unsupervised. $9.50/hour, 15-20 hours per week during the school year, up to 40 hours per week during the summer. TO APPLY: Submit resume and inquiries to ywamboldt2@unl.edu.

Sales and Marketing Analyst - CITY CAMPUS
Hillflint is a rapidly growing e-commerce brand that makes luxury knitwear at friendly prices. We want to reignite consumer discussion on what makes clothing high quality, and we’re starting by rethinking college apparel. We are seeking a current student at University of Nebraska to serve as our Sales and Marketing Analyst. The position is paid. Hillflint recently acquired permission to sell University of Nebraska apparel. Now we need to crack into this new market by making everyone on campus know about who we are. We need a Sales and Marketing Analyst who understands the UNL market intimately, helping us develop or advising us on sweater designs that will speak to the UNL community, and then making them sell like wildfire across campus. You will be responsible for marketing our sweaters and you will be commissioned off the sales that your marketing efforts drive. Just by way of example, at a school with 6,700 undergrads, our Analyst drove over $40,000 in sales. UNL has nearly 20,000 undergrads and incredible amounts of school pride. Analysts are critical to Hillflint's growth strategy. We are a young company and rapidly growing, but we know very little about the UNL market. This is an opportunity for an ambitious student to teach us and take 100% responsibility for driving our brand reach in a massive market. Though we love when our analysts tell us what type of design might sell or conceptualize a design unique to their school, fashion experience is not necessary. We look for people who are extremely driven, excited about growing small businesses, and who understand how to speak to their campus. TO APPLY: If you are interested in the role, send us a quick email (1 paragraph) introducing yourself at woody@hillflint.com and include your resumé. We'd love to chat.

Lab Animal Care Assistant - EAST CAMPUS
UNL Institute of Agriculture & Natural Resources (IANR)
The gnotobiotic mouse facility at UNL is seeking a highly motivated, detail-oriented individual to help care for our mouse colony. Our mice are unique because they do not have any gut bacteria—in comparison, conventional mice are colonized with over 400 different organisms. Because these mice are germ free, they must reside in flexible film isolators (i.e., “bubbles”) so they do not become colonized with an unwanted organism. Responsibilities for this position include preparing sterile food, water and bedding for the mice, entering the sterile supplies into isolators in an aseptic manner, performing periodic microbiological quality-control checks to ensure sterile isolator environments and assisting lab personnel with various mouse-related tasks. The health and integrity of this mouse colony are of utmost importance—we are, therefore, in need of a very responsible and dependable individual. The ideal candidate for this position would be someone dedicated to animal care, dependable and self-motivated. Caring for these special mice provides an excellent opportunity to gain small animal husbandry experience. Rate of pay is $8.50/hour for 10 to 15 hrs/week. No prior experience required; training will be provided. This position is available for spring 2015 and possibly longer. TO APPLY: Interested individuals should contact Dr. Amanda Ramer-Tait (aramer-tait2@unl.edu) to apply. Please send: (1) resume, (2) schedule of days/times availability, and (3) indicate work study eligibility.