Career Guide to UNL Majors - Forensic Science

Learn about the career paths of UNL students and recent graduates.


  • Bioanalytical Analyst, Celerion
  • Biological Science Aide, USDA-ARS
  • Bookseller, Barnes and Noble
  • Case Inventory Tech, Ron Smith and Associates
  • Cashier, Target
  • Corps Member, Teach for America
  • Facilities-Temp, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Hospital Generalist, Nebraska Lab Inc
  • Laboratory Technician, Syngenta
  • Pharmacy Tech, Novartis
  • Registered Nurse - Pediatrics, Mary Lanning Healthcare
  • Research Assistant, UNL School of Natural Resources
  • Solutions Specialist, Cox Communications
  • Talent Management Analyst/Consultant, Gallup

Further Education

  • Forensic Science, M.S., Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Forensic Studies, University of California, Davis
  • J.D., Southern Methodist University
  • M.A. Secondary Science Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • M.S. Crime Scene Investigation, George Washington University
  • M.S. Forensic Biochemistry, Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Master of Forensic Science, Saint Joseph's College Indiana
  • Master of Science, University of California - Davis
  • Masters Degree, Central Oklahoma University
  • Masters in Biochemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Masters in Forensic Palynology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Masters in Forensic Science, University of California - Davis
  • Masters of Applied Science - Forensic Biochemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Masters of Applied Science in Forensic Biochemistry, Central Oklahoma University
  • Medical School, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Nursing, Nebraska Methodist College
  • Registered Nurse, Mary Lanning Healthcare


  • Attractions Cast Member, Walt Disney World
  • Crime Laboratory Intern, Omaha Police Department
  • Drug Lab Intern, Honolulu Police Dept Scientific Investigation
  • Intern, Kansas City Police Department
  • Intern, Methodist Women's Hospital
  • Intern, Omaha Police Department
  • Intern, Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Office

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