In accordance with the Amendments to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Section 513, recommendations are non-confidential and will be reviewed by the candidate for whom the recommendation is submitted.

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General Guidelines for Writers

Use standard letter format, including a complete return address with date. Do not hand-write the letter. The use of letterhead is recommended.

Begin by stating your relationship with the candidate and for how long you have known this person. At the end of the letter, provide your signature, a printed version of your name, your position/title, and your phone number. This full information is needed so that the hiring agent reading the letter will be able to make direct contact with you for further information, if needed.

When you have completed the letter, return the letter to the candidate who will submit the letters as a part of required application materials.

Areas to Focus On

  • interpersonal skills
  • initiative
  • teaching skills including classroom management (if relevant)
  • knowledge of subject matter (if relevant)
  • planning/organizational skills
  • any other skills or talents that would relate to success in a classroom situation.

Areas to Avoid

  • age
  • marital status
  • physical appearance
  • family situation
  • information illegal or inappropriate in hiring decisions