UNL Career Services supports employers and students throughout the internship process from development, implementation, and evaluation. Organizations of any type can benefit by our services to access the talent and energy of UNL students.

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What is an internship?

An internship is a temporary, pre-professional work experience that mutually benefits the employer and intern. Your organization gains support for its operations and projects while the intern gains experience and career-related skills. A quality internship has a set of learning objectives for the intern which are best met through tasks that are primarily professional.

How do I Hire an Intern?

Promote your internship through Career Services to get interested students applying directly to you. Select and interview candidates of interest. There are several means to promote your position(s) and organization.

  • Use Husker Hire Link to advertise your opportunities, search student resumes, and manage on campus interviews.
  • Attend career fairs in the fall and spring terms to meet and recruit hundreds of students in a single day.
  • Participate in special events like employer panels to further increase your organization’s visibility on the UNL campus.

After making your hiring decision, follow your organization’s policies to establish the student's employee file. The vast majority of UNL internships are successfully completed with few problems. However, Career Services is available to advise and assist you as needed.

How are Interns Compensated?

Many organizations compensate interns by hourly wage, stipend, tuition grant, or scholarship, some employers offer non-paid internships. Many UNL students fund their own education and/or may be in a high demand discipline, either of which may lead a student to consider only paid opportunities. Last year’s intern pay rates are available for review.

How can I Help my Intern Earn Academic Credit?

UNL does not require internships as a graduation requirement. Some academic departments encourage students to receive academic credit for an internship while others will not award credit for an internship. The decision is up to the student and a faculty member. Academic departments may record the credit using Career Services' Academic Credit Contract or their own internal documents. If the student receives academic credit, they pay related tuition and fees and complete academic work in addition to the work done for the employer.

How many Hours a Week Does an Intern Work?

Work schedules are varied and tend to be flexible. Typically, students work ten to twenty hours per week while enrolled in courses, while others work full-time during the summer.

Does UNL Offer Funding for Interns?

UNL doesn't have a service to subsidize student intern wages. However, there may be grant-funded entities as a resource for employers. EPSCOR assists organizations enhancing their science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and biomedical research. The InternNE program provides matching funds for eligible businesses to create new internships.

Career Services provides an Internship Payroll Management service that includes verifying student status, setting up payroll, and issuing bi-weekly paychecks to the student. UNL bills the organization quarterly for total intern earnings plus a ten percent processing fee.

Plan/Document Internships

Career Services encourages organizations and interns to plan and document the experience through the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), an agreement outlining expectations and duties.

Both the intern and supervisor sign the MOU.  Keep a copy of the completed MOU and send a copy to Career Services.

By reporting internships, you provide resources for future UNL students seeking internships and you support recruitment of new students to the University by providing a record of where UNL students find internships.  

Evaluations provide valuable feedback for the intern, the employer, and Career Services.  At the end of each semester, complete Internship Evaluations.

Ideally, the intern and supervisor discuss their evaluations with the other.  Send Career Services a copy of both completed documents.