In addition to promoting internship opportunities, UNL Career Services offers employers (primarily government employers) a payroll management service. This includes verifying student status, setting up payroll, and issuing bi-weekly paychecks to the student. UNL bills each agency quarterly for total intern earnings plus a ten percent processing fee.

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Getting Started

Before your interns can be paid through this service, the following must be completed:

  • Annual Agency-UNL "Umbrella" Contract
  • Internship Memorandum of Understanding
  • Payroll Documents
  • Intern's Weekly Time Sheet

Annual Contract

To utilize internship payroll management services, you will first establish an "umbrella" contract. This contract authorizes Career Services to provide related intern payroll services to your agency for the coming fiscal year and sets forth general responsibilities and terms of the agreement between UNL and your agency.

Student Status and Withholding

Students must be enrolled for at least one credit hour at UNL throughout the internship to be paid through student payroll. When you have selected a UNL student for your internship, the student should call (402) 472-3145 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor for a brief orientation and to obtain the payroll internship packet. Staff will verify the student's enrollment at UNL. Social Security regulations waive taxing both student and employer as long as the student is enrolled full-time.

UNL interns who graduate and are not continuing in a UNL graduate program lose their student status and are ineligible for internship payroll. Also, UNL graduate students may be ineligible for internship payroll if they are employed in a Graduate Assistantship at UNL. Be sure to check if your intern or a student you want to hire as an intern falls into one of these categories.

Internship Payroll Documents

The annual contract between the agency and UNL is supplemented by an individual Internship Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining specific terms of employment for each intern hired. The student will obtain an MOU along with the payroll documents when they meet with a career counselor . The student and supervisor will complete and sign the MOU.

Should the agency wish to extend an internship beyond the date set by the original MOU, or should the agency wish to change the pay rate of an intern, a new MOU must be completed and submitted to Career Services. Wage changes must begin at the start of a pay period. Likewise, should the activities or expectations of an intern change significantly, a new MOU should be completed and submitted to Career Services.

In addition to the MOU, students must complete initial payroll documents:

  • I-9 (and documents for I-9 verification)
  • W-4
  • Personal Data Form (PDF)
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Voided check

Weekly Time Sheets

Once on the job, interns submit time sheets every Thursday. The intern's agency supervisor (or designated representative) must sign these time sheets to verify hours worked and to authorize payment. Under no circumstances may one student intern sign the time sheets for another in lieu of a supervisor. Students are responsible for obtaining their supervisor's signature and for delivering their original time sheets by 4 p.m. on specified deadlines. Employing agencies keep a copy for their records. Time sheets submitted after the established deadline will delay an intern's paycheck. Pay advices and W-2 forms are sent to the intern at the work address.

Step by Step

  1. Verify that annual Agency-UNL "umbrella" contract is currently in effect.
  2. Student meets with Career Services career counselor to obtain payroll internship packet.
  3. Student completes payroll documents and Memorandum of Understanding.
  4. Student brings all completed documents to Career Services. Student should also bring proper documents for I-9 verification (see reverse side of the I-9 form for a complete list of acceptable documents) and original signed social security card. The intern will be given timesheets at this time.
  5. Student delivers/faxes time sheets weekly -- signed by supervisor and student -- to 230 Nebraska Union by payroll deadline!