Hundreds of employers visit our campus each academic year to recruit UNL students. Many of them offer on-campus interviews. There are two types of on-campus interview formats - Pre-select and Qualified Open.

To participate in these interviews, you must be signed up for Husker Hire Link. Post your resume(s), then submit one for each specific position for which you would like to be considered.

Husker Hire Link

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Pre-Select Resume Collection

Employers using Preselect receive a group of submitted resumes prior to their interview date and select those individuals they wish to interview.

Resume submission deadlines are set based on the employers' interview dates. Candidates should monitor Husker Hire Link for upcoming deadlines. New schedules are added regularly.

To search for on-campus interview opportunities:

  • Click Jobs, Internships & Interviews >Husker Hire Link Jobs.
  • Use the Show Me drop-down menu to select All Interviews.
  • Click the Job Title to view the details for each opportunity.
  • Click the Submit button to submit your resume for each job you're interested in.

Following the resume submission deadline, employers review the submitted resumes and select candidates they wish to interview. Those selected will be contacted via e-mail and be able to schedule their interview time through Husker Hire Link.

If you miss the deadline, you may still mail a resume and cover letter directly to the employer on your own. State your interest in the employer's UNL campus visit in your letter.

Qualified Open

Employers using Qualified Open Sign-up allow individuals to select an interview time on a first come, first serve basis.

Employers set the interview date and determine interviewing preferences. If you match the preferences and times are still available, you may select an interview time. By selecting a time, you are automatically submitting your Husker Hire Link resume.

Selecting an Interview Time

The employer selects the interview date, the number of people to interview, and the interview times. Only those individuals selected by the employer or qualified as described above will be able to choose an interview time.

When you have been selected, check the Husker Hire Link section On-Campus Interviews and schedule your interview time

Removal from Husker Hire Link

You will be in-activated from the Career Services database under one or more of the following conditions:

  • Excessive "no-shows" for campus interviews
  • Disconnected phone number or returned mail
  • Inappropriate use of services
  • End of service year Response to the graduate survey indicating employment or status of no longer seeking employment.

No Show Policy

Skipped interviews damage UNL's relations with employers. Choosing an interview time is your decision. Accepting interviews with organizations you are not interested in and/or failing to attend scheduled interviews deprives others of opportunities, wastes recruiter and staff time, and makes you and UNL appear unprofessional.

If you must cancel and interview, you must provide at least 24 hours notice to Career Services. Failing to appear for a scheduled interview or canceling your interview without 24 hours notice will affect your interviewing and referral privileges. *

  • First Offense: You will receive a letter of reprimand instructing you that your Husker Hire Link registration will be blocked, all pre-select requests will be canceled, and your resume will not be forwarded to any potential employers until you meet with a Career Services counselor. A copy of this letter may also be sent to a representative of your College. It is recommended that you mail a letter of apology to the inconvenienced employer and provide a copy to the Career Services counselor. E-mail apologies are not acceptable. Interviewing and referral privileges may be reinstated pending the outcome of the meeting.
  • Second Offense: Your Husker Hire Link registration and all interviewing and referral privileges will be revoked. All pre-select requests and scheduled interviews will be canceled. A representative of your College may be informed that your privileges have been revoked. You will not be allowed to re-subscribe to Husker Hire Link until the beginning of the next academic year.

NOTE: Emergency situations must be reported to Career Services as soon as possible.