Ecology & Evolution

Ecology & Evolution (BIOS 207) is an undergraduate course which provides an overview of areas in ecology, evolution, and behavior.  The course is required for all biology majors and biology minors, as well as some additional degrees around campus.  I teach the course in the fall semester while another instructor teaches it in the spring semester.  The course is also offered in the summer at Cedar Point Biological Station, and I will likely be the instructor for that course in the summer of 2012.

When I teach the course, a special emphasis is placed on quantitative thinking, specifically emphasizing model construction and interpretation.  This emphasis aligns with national recommendations on training for future physicians and undergraduate biology majors. Throughout the course, critical and synthetic thinking is highlighted, as opposed to simply learning facts and information. This is reflected in the lab which includes writing manuscripts for each of 4 major research projects. 

The course makes extensive use of technology including use of an interactive electronic "textbook" called SimUText and recorded lectures.

A recent syllabus for the course can be found here [PDF].


Chad Brassil on the benefits of SimUText

Students collect data at Reller Prairie
Students collect data at Reller Prairie as part of a lab for BIOS 207