Past Lab Members

Past Graduate Students

Ben Nolting face

Ben Nolting

PhD in Mathematics, 2013
next: post-doctoral fellow at Case Western Reserve University

Jean Philippe Gibert face

Jean Philippe Gibert

Graduate student in Biological Sciences
next: Graduate student in John DeLong's lab

TJ Bliss face

TJ Bliss

MS in Biological Sciences, 2010
next: PhD program Educational Inquiry, Evaluation, and Measurement, Brigham Young University
current: Director of Assessment, Idaho State Department of Education

Ian Waterman face

Ian T. Waterman

MS in Biological Sciences, 2010

Past Undergraduate Students

Andrew Robinson face

Andrew Robinson

Biology major
role: Student worker

Cale Hadan face

Cale Hadan

Fish & Wildlife major and Mathematics major
role:Undergraduate research and student worker

Lizzie Novich face

Lizzie Novich

Environmental Studies major, 2013
role: Undergradaute research and Honors thesis
next:Position with Midwest Laboratories, Omaha, NE

Matt Wynn face

Matt Wynn

Biology major, 2012
role: Undergradaute research
next:Graduate program in Genetics at University of Nebraska

Carole Kerrey face

Carole Kerrey

Environmental Studies major
role: Undergradaute research

Katie Heineman face

Katie Heineman

Biology major, 2010
role: Student worker
next:Graduate program in Biology at University of Illinois

Marci Ihrig face

Marci Ihrig

Chemistry major
role: Student worker and UCARE

Beth Tideman face

Beth A. Tidemann (Miller)

Statistics major, 2008
role: Undergraduate research and Honors thesis
next: Graduate program in Statistics at North Carolina State University

Noah Wiess face

Noah Weiss

Mathematics major, 2009
role: Undergraduate research
next: Graduate program in Applied Math at Northwestern University

Frances Phang face

Frances Phang

Biology major
role: Undergraduate research
next: Medical school at University of Nebraska Medical Center

Heather Sammons face

Heather Sammons

Biology major
role: Undergraduate research

Past Visiting & Affiliated Graduate Students

Daniela Proano face

Daniela Proano

MA in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education with emphasis in Science Education, 2012