Welcome to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Committee For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns

Who We Are

The purpose of UNL’s Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns is to ensure a university environment that empowers LGBTQA+ people.

Statement for Inclusive Excellence:

In light of issues of bias and stigma experienced by people of color on campus, the CGLBTC would like to express our support for and commitment to social justice and empowerment for all underserved and underrepresented, or marginalized individuals and groups. Multiple and intersecting identifies are important to recognize, and inclusive excellence on campus is a worthy mission. We hope our campus will support the “Not Now, Not Here, Not Ever” campaign to eliminate bias and move toward the goal of inclusive excellence and equitable policies. We encourage you to support Student Involvement's LGBTQA+ Resource Center in it's campaign for inclusive excellence  “Right Here, Right Now, Always”!

For more information about bias visit http://bias.unl.edu
To report information about bias, sexual misconduct, workplace issues, or acts of kindness, use the TIPS button on the bottom of UNL web pages.

What We Do

  • Collaborate with UNL administration, academic departments, and Student Affairs to establish policies, programs and services that meet the needs of GLBT members of the UNL community.
  • Advocate for equitable University policies that have included employee + 1 (domestic partner benefits) and the integration of GLBT issues into the curriculum, use of preferred pronouns and names; and use of optional identity demographic questions
  • Serve as a source of support, networking and resources for LGBTQA and Ally faculty, staff and students and the LGBTQA+ Resource Center.
  • Meet with the Chancellor annually.

To be added to the Committee on GLBT Concerns listserv, email lgbtqa@unl.edu.

Other listservs you may be interested in subscribing to are ALLY and LGBTQNews.

The Ally listserv is a low-volume list that has information specifically of interest to allies and advocates.

LGBTQNews is a high-volume list where campus and community activities, information, articles of interest are posted. Email lgbtqa@unl.edu for information or to request to be subscribed.


We are now on Facebook!


Meeting Times:

Our May meeting will be a combined social and business meeting. We hope you can join us! Please contact Pat (lgbtqa@unl.edu) or Kara Brant (karabrant@unl.edu)
 for more information.

May Meeting: Thursday, 5/19/16, 4:15 pm at Cottonwood Cafe Bistro and Bar, 440 S. 11th Street.
Summer Meetings: TBA
Location: We usually meet in the LGBTQA+ Resource Center, 346 Nebraska Union (3rd floor, SE corner) unless otherwise posted. Check NU Daily Schedule for room change information.

Our usual meeting time: 4th Wednesday of the month @ 4 pm.