UNL Bylaws 7 - Amendments

An amendment to these UNL Bylaws may be initiated by any person or group governed by these UNL Bylaws by filing a written proposal with the Office of the Chancellor stating expressly the words to be added and the words to be deleted. The Chancellor shall lay the written proposal before the Academic Senate and ASUN forthwith. Within 90 days the Academic Senate and ASUN shall make recommendations pertaining to the proposal to the Chancellor's office. Thereafter, and no later than 60 days after receiving responses from the Academic Senate and ASUN, the Chancellor shall transmit the proposal to the Board of Regents. The transmittal shall include the written proposal, and written recommendations received by the Chancellor from the Academic Senate and ASUN, and any recommendation the Chancellor may wish to make. The Board of Regents shall not act finally upon the proposal until 30 days after the materials are filed with it, and only after a public hearing has been held. Any amendment must be approved by the Board of Regents and it shall take effect upon the date specified by the Board of Regents.
The Corporation Secretary of the Board of Regents shall be responsible for recording any changes to these Bylaws and for updating on an annual basis the Bylaws as published in hard copy or presented on the UNL web page.