UNL Strategic Compass - page 2 (Our Vision / Mission / Core Values)

A Strategic Plan for UNL: Setting Our Compass 

Our Vision

Capturing a "vision" for an institution as complex as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is not a simple task. Too often institutional "visions" are so general or inspirational that they do not connect to the day-to-day activity of the university or they are so all-encompassing in their specificity as to hide the true priorities of the university. To be sustainable, a vision must emerge from the evolving conversations and actions of the university community, rather than from the effort of a single committee tasked to produce one. We believe UNL has a sustainable vision-a vision of excellence--one that reflects the working assumptions and practical efforts that have powered the university for the last several years and have produced remarkable momentum toward excellence.

We have three related missions-teaching, research, and engagement. We are a public, land-grant, comprehensive university. As a community we have articulated in a variety of different ways our vision. We invite others to read our 2006 Institutional Self-Study; A 2020 Vision: The Future of Research and Graduate Education at UNL (2000); Intellectual Engagement and Achievement at UNL: The report of the Blue Sky Committee (2003); and Everyone a Learner, Everyone a Teacher: The report of the Transitions to University Task Force (2003). These reports were written by broadly representative groups, discussed within Colleges and Departments, and have been acted upon as guideposts in a continuing way. They all talk of excellence in the many ways in which a university such as ours pursues its missions and serves its clientele.

Our vision is to place the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the forefront of public higher education-to excel at all of our missions of teaching, research, and engagement, whether to do so brings national and international fame or more quietly serves the needs of all Nebraskans, including our students. We seek to enhance the Power of Red and to harness it for the benefit of Nebraska.

Our Mission

As Nebraska's only land-grant, comprehensive, research university, our mission is clear. It is defined by the Board of Regents and the Nebraska Statutes. We are directed to teach, to do research, and to serve Nebraskans. These missions are intertwined and interdependent. The products of the fulfillment of our mission are young adults prepared to lead successful lives, innovation that expands our horizons and our economy, creative activity that improves the quality of our lives, and a close connection to the needs and aspirations of Nebraska.

Our Core Values

In 2006, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln adopted a set of Core Values, as an outcome of our academic strategic planning process. These core values were derived after broad participation by members of the University community. Like our vision and our mission, they reflect the commitment of a land-grant, comprehensive research university.

We value:

  • Learning that prepares students for lifetime success and leadership;
  • Excellence pursued without compromise;
  • Achievement supported by a climate that celebrates each person's success;
  • Diversity of ideas and people;
  • Engagement with academic, business, and civic communities throughout Nebraska and the world;
  • Research and creative activity that inform teaching, foster discovery, and contribute to economic prosperity and our quality of life;
  • Stewardship of the human, financial, and physical resources committed to our care.