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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

NCAA Self-Study

Academics And Athletics

NCAA Self-Study Report

Click the title above to view UNL's 2005-06 NCAA self-study certification report.

Appendices and Reference Documents
NCAA Self-Study Instrument Report
University of Nebraska-Lincoln


1.1.3 Student-Athlete Handbook - A

1.1.3 Student Code of Conduct

1.1.3 Intercollegiate Athletics Review Committee

1.1.5 Major Hires in the Athletics Department - B

1.1.6 Student-Athlete Support Services Audits - C

1.1.7 Composition of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee - D

1.2.2 IAC Committee Syllabus

1.2.4 Huskers Athletics Fund Disbursement Form - E

1.2.9 Form Indicating Student-Athlete has read the Student-Athlete Handbook - F

1.2.10 Big XII Conference Compliance Review Report (2001) - G

1.2.12 Appendix to Coaches’ employment contracts on policy standards of professional performance and rules of procedure for disciplinary actions

1.2.12 Athletic Department’s Mission Statement

1.2.12 Appendices and Reference Documents


2.1.4 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Admission Standards

2.1.10 Sport 2003-04 APR Multi-Year APR

2.1.13 Minutes of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee - A
(Reports from Scheduling Oversight subcommittee)

2.2.2 Minutes of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (Reports from Scheduling Oversight subcommittee) - A


3.1.2 Report on the Implementation of the Gender Equity Plan dated January 1998 Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Review – Missed Class Policy Resource Allocation for Travel, Meals & Lodging Athletic Trainer Assignments

3.2.2 Report on the Implementation of the Minority Plan dated January 1998

3.2.4b Ethnicity of UNL Undergraduate Students (2003-04 to 2006-06)

3.3.4 Athletic Department Organizational Chart

Student-Athlete Handbook on Academic Support Programs

3.3.7 Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Athletic Scholarship Renewals

Athletic Department Appeal Policy for Financial Aid Grievance

3.3.11 Athletic Department Crisis Communication Plan
Strength and Conditioning Supervision Guidelines