University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lactation Support Program

  1. Statement of Principle
    • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln recognizes the importance of supporting new mothers who wish to continue to breastfeed while they are at work or attending school. The University acknowledges the health benefits of breastfeeding and believes that the University should make private, accessible, and comfortable lactation rooms available to its employees and students who want to express milk while on campus and away from their infant.
  2. Program Details
    • Lactation Spaces – Semi-private
      There are several spaces on the UNL Campus that are designated as semi-private lactation rooms. The spaces are located in areas that, through the use of screens and other devices, are semi-private but do not require a key or any form of permission for entry. Each space is equipped with a comfortable chair, a table, and an outlet. Locations of these spaces can be found below.

    • Lactation Rooms - Private
      This program uses a zone approach. Lactation rooms are located around campus so that a person wanting to use a room is within a 5-10 minute walking distance.

      A student or employee wanting access to a room should contact the person listed with the preferred room to schedule use of the room, arrange access to the key, and obtain a privacy door-hanger. Room locations can be found below. Because most of these rooms are used for other purposes during the day, there may be a need for some flexibility in scheduling.

      In the future, the campus will make every effort to identify rooms that can be scheduled for lactation rooms in new buildings as part of the planning process.

      Lactation room users are responsible for bringing their own equipment and cleaning up after each use.

    • Refrigerators
      University Housing has a limited number of small refrigerators that may be borrowed for milk storage during the period of lactation. The refrigerators are 3.5 cubic ft. or 2.0 cubic ft. and may be borrowed without charge and with free delivery and pick-up. The refrigerator must be returned in the same condition that it was borrowed or the user will be charged for cleaning and possibly replacement. To arrange to borrow a refrigerator, please call the Housing Facilities Operations Office at 472-3561.

    • Time Away from Work
      Supervisors should attempt to be flexible and provide reasonable accommodation to support the needs of nursing mothers. For some, expressing breast milk may be a physical necessity. Employees, in consultation with their supervisors, are permitted to flex their work schedules for the purposes of lactation.


Campus Map are available here:

 Room #Description
City Campus
Canfield Administration Building 25 Lower Level Women's lounge
City Union 141 First Floor Women's Lounge
Nebraska Hall W170.2 Lounge attached to Women's restroom
Oldfather Hall 105 Lounge attached to the Women's first floor restroom.
Children's Center Whittier Annex Ask receptionist. Refrigerator available
East Campus
East Union 311 Third floor Women's lounge
Home Econ Building 110 Lounge attached to the Women's first floor restroom.


Campus Map are available here:

CITY CAMPUSRoomContactPhone#
Andrews Hall132 ANDRElaine Dvorak472-3191
Andersen Hall138 ANDNCheri Oltman472-3051
Architecture Hall109 ARCHGeri Wesely472-9215
Bessey Hall 214 BESY Karl Baumgarten 472-2601
Burnett Hall 76 BURN Claudia Price-Decker 472-7785
Campus Recreation 49A CREC Tony Hernbloom
Sally Pfeiffer
Canfield 325E ADMN Brittany Bardin 472-4665
CBA 336 CBA Monte Shomaker 472-9500
City Union 338 NU Jan Deeds 472-2598
Jorgensen Hall 161 JH Patty Fleek 472-6072
Hamilton Hall 831 HAH Dodie Eveleth 472-5312
Henzlik Hall 18 HENZ Jess Hustad 472-2231
Landscape/Business Services 125C
1700 Y Street
Rhonda Zugmier
Barb Carley
Love Library 415 LLS Circulation Desk 472-9568
Manter Hall 345 MANT Carla Tisdale 472-2720
Nebraska Hall W141 NH Kara Fintel 472-3181
Oldfather Hall 727A OLDH Lori Ratzlaff 472-3631
Seaton/Benton 302 SEH Nancy Knapp 472-1663
Sheldon/Lied Dressing Room B
Lynn Doser 472-3387
Schorr Center 209 SHOR Marilyn Augustyn 472-1039
Westbrook 107 WMB Susan Tribby 472-6845

EAST CAMPUSRoomContactPhone#
Animal Research Facility124 VBSLee Johnson472-2952
Animal SciencesC215Jennifer Dush472-3571
Barkley202C BKCHeidi Menard472-3956
Chase219A CHADiann Young472-1413
College of DentistryRoom 47.4Jena Jarow472-1440
CY Thompson/Biochemistry209 CYTJulie Kirk472-4406
East Unionsmall interview roomGerry Van Ackeren
Reshell Ray
Nancy Bulin
Filley Hall/Food Industry51A FYHReception Desk472-2832
Home Economics/Leverton 110 HEDavid Giraud472-7965
Hardin Hall915 HARHBernice Goemann472-8197
Keim/Plant Sciences276 PLBrenda Gibson472-2811
N. Greenhouses/Seed Lab/
Bio Engineering/EHS
214 EHMarissa Young472-8687
NET2nd FloorVicky Rempe472-9333
Law College159 LAWPatty Sprague472-2161
Splinter Laboratory138 SPLJustin Geyer472-2442
Virology102 MORR - secure building,
Morrison employees only
Michele Machow472-1714