Connect with the Ancients

Connect with the Ancients

The Department of Classics & Religious Studies

The major in Classics and Religious Studies brings together two fields of study that overlap in interesting ways. In this major, you will choose either an “Emphasis in Classics” or an "Emphasis in Religious Studies," and most of your courses will be in your chosen emphasis.

The field of Classics encompasses a wide range of courses in the civilization of ancient Greece and Rome—their languages, literature, and history. And your courses in Religious Studies will acquaint you with the world’s great religions, their history, sacred writings, and essential beliefs and practices. You can work with faculty who specialize in Buddhist Studies, Islamic Studies, Christianity, and Judaism. 

Why Classics & Religious Studies?

—You can expect to enroll in core courses taught by experienced faculty, offering even the first year student the opportunity to develop a working relationship with a senior professor. Students receive a level of personal attention which is rare at a major research university.

—You have a unique opportunity to study ancient languages including Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Tibetan, and Arabic.

—Our faculty have joint appointments with other departments and programs including Digital Humanities, Judaic Studies, Archeology, History, Women and Gender Studies, Anthropology, Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

—You will be encouraged to further your experience with education abroad. Recent study tours have been conducted in Ireland, Greece, and Japan.

—Take advantage of the opportunity to work individually on joint faculty-student research projects in the college’s UCARE program. Recent UCARE project titles: “Byzantine Ceramics and Gender”; “Transcribing Medieval Manuscripts”; “Fundamentalism: Perspectives on a Contested History”; “Digital Methods and Labor Efficiency in Greek Archaeological Survey Projects.” 

—Connect with faculty and peers through student organizations such as the Classics Club. 

Career Opportunities you will have:

A major in Classics and Religious Studies is good preparation for further graduate study in each of these two fields. In addition, because of the emphasis on critical thinking and analysis of texts, and exposure to different cultural traditions, students who graduate with this degree find that they are well-suited for careers in:

  • Teaching
  • Social Service Organizations, NonGovernmental Organizations, Non-profits
  • Government and Diplomatic Service
  • Ministry
  • Law
  • Counseling 


Undergraduate Advisor in Classics: Michael Lippman, 242 Andrews Hall, mlippman2@unl.edu
Undergraduate Advisor in Religious Studies: Simon Wood, 234 Andrews Hall, 402-472-2434; swood2@unl.edu

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