The Major in Classical Languages
The major requires 21 hours of courses in Latin or Greek numbered 300 or above.  At least 2 courses at this level must be taken in each language.  Normally, no more than 6 hours of 399 credit may count towards major requirements.  A minor is required, and may be any Plan A minor offered by the College with the consent of the adviser.



Program Assessment. In order to assist the department in evaluating the effectiveness of its programs, majors will be required:
1. To assemble and maintain a portfolio to include the syllabus and a copy of all written exams and assignments for each course applied toward the major.
2. In their senior year, to complete a written exit survey.
The undergraduate adviser will inform students of the scheduling and format of assessment activities.
Results of participation in these assessment activities will in no way affect a student's GPA or graduation.

Requirements for the Minor in Greek or Latin

Twelve (12) hours in Greek or Latin numbered 300 or above.

Greek Course Offerings

Latin Course Offerings