Essential Studies (ES)

Each student will take a total of nine courses distributed across the following domains of knowledge: Area A: Communication (1 course) Area B: Mathematics and Statistics (1 course) Area C: Human Behavior, Culture & Social Organization (2 courses) Area D: Science & Technology (1 course) Area E: Historical Studies (1 course) Area F: Humanities (1 course) Area G: Arts (1 course) Area H: Race, Ethnicity & Gender (1 course)

A minimum of one course is taken in each area except in the social and behavioral sciences where two courses are required. This requirement represents the minimum experience for an undergraduate student in the full range of university offerings. No Essential Studies course can simultaneously fulfill the requirement for two areas. Colleges will often require courses beyond the minimum standard set by CEP, and some colleges will require certain ES courses in various areas for their majors. Always check with your college adviser about applying particular courses towards your Essential Studies requirements.