portrait of the artist as a young man
 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Thomas Nelson Winter

Department of Classics and Religious Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Office: 940 OldH
Mailing Address:
237 Andrews Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0337
(402) 472-4480

Curriculum Vitae


Born January 27, 1944, Lansing, Michigan.
Married Joanna Catherine Fink, 1964. (Two children, Ruth, 1970; Rose, 1972.)


  • J. W. Sexton High School, Lansing, 1961.
  • B.A. in Latin, Michigan State University 1964.
  • M.A. in Classics, Northwestern University, 1965.
  • Ph.D. in Classics, Northwestern, 1968.
  • FAA Private Pilot License, 2000.


  • Night Editor The State News, Michigan State University, 1962-1964.
  • Reporter, The Times Herald, Port Huron, Michigan, summer, 1963.
  • Cataloger of Rare Books, Adler Planetarium and Astronomical Museum, Chicago, summer, 1966, 1967.
  • Guest Lecturer, Adler Planetarium, 1967
  • Assistant Professor, Classics, University of Hawaii, 1968-1970.
  • Acting Head of Classics Division, summer, 1969.
  • Assistant Professor, Classics, University of Nebraska, 1970-1975.
  • Associate Professor, Classics and Religious Studies, University of Nebraska, 1976- .


  • Honors Convocation Committee, 1975-80. Chair, 1979-80
  • Secretary, Faculty Senate Library Committee, 1985-87.
  • Chairman and secretary, Faculty Senate Library Committee, Fall, 1987.
  • Chairman, University Barber Prize Committee, 1985-
  • Examiner, Graduate Reading Exams in Latin, Greek, 1985-
  • Classics Department Alumni Secretary, 1986-
         $25,000 endowment from corresponding alum, '97
  • Founding Editor of Department's alumni newsletter, 1987-.
  • Academic Senate, completed fifth term, April 30, 1993.
  • Academic Senate, seventh term, April 30, 2001- April 2003.
  • Writing Team, University of Nebraska Accreditation Self Study Report, Chapter: Integrity of University Operations. January-May, 1996.
  • Chaired departmental committee sessions that streamlined the curriculum in Greek, and the curriculum in Latin, Spring, 1998.
  • Chair, Human Rights Committee, 1998-2000


  • "Merit Increment for Excellence in Teaching and Research," University of Hawaii, 1969. [At the time, it was the university's only teaching award of any kind. Teaching of nominees was evaluated by classroom visitations.]
  • NEH Summer Seminar, American Academy in Rome, 1978.
  • UN-L Parents Assn Award for Service to Students, 1995, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2007.
  • UN-L Research Council Leave, Fall, 1978; Fall, '88; Spring, 2000.


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    Note: Most of the above are available as PDFs at http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/classicsfacpub
    Additional articles in The Christian Science Monitor and in national special-interest magazines: Flying Models, Model Aviation, The Longbow, and Speedskating Times. The Monitor column can still be read at http://www.csmonitor.com/durable/2000/08/10/fp11s2-csm.shtml
    I am the only Classics prof to appear in Math Horizons. "The Canoe Curve" appeared in the February '02 issue.


  1. Odds on Latin. Draft is now at 800+K.
  2. The Mechanical Problems in the Corpus of Aristotle, translation and commentary. Claims authorship for Archytas of Tarentum. On Academic Commons. Seeking publisher.


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  • A. Theater:

    1. I have performed in seven plays at the Lincoln Community Playhouse.
    2. Most recently appeared in Clifford Odets' "The Country Girl" at the Coffee House (January-February, 1994)
    3. Have appeared with the David Dorfman Dance ensemble, '93.
  • B. Civic:

    • Founder of Linc-In-Liners In-Line Skating Club.
    • Co-founder of Lincoln Speed Club.
    • Co-founder of Nebraska Free-flighters Model Airplane Club.
    • Founder and program coordinator, History of the Math Club.
    • Taught "Introduction to Safe In-Line Skating" at Southeast Community College, 1995-1998.
    • President, Chapter 569, Experimental Aircraft Assn. (EAA), 2001 and 2002.
    • Board of Directors, Great Plains Trails Network, 1997-2005, Secretary, 2000-2001.
    • State Steering Committee, Nebraska Green Party, 2000-2001.
    • Board of Trustees, Unitarian Church of Lincoln, 2004-
    • President, Unitarian Church of Lincoln, 2005-2006.
  • C. Music:

    • Organized a string quartet which met weekly for 6 years.
    • Played second violin in Lincoln Civic Orchestra for many years.
    • Played viola for pickup orchestras.


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