College of Arts and Sciences Language Requirement

Languages--Classical and Modern (0-16 hours)

The languages requirement serves to help students gain a working familiarity with a language and a culture other than their own.

Students must begin any college level language study course by the first semester of their junior year (65 or more credit hours) to maintain satisfactory standing in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The requirement will be fulfilled by the completion of a 16-hour sequence of courses in a single foreign language in either the Department of Classics or the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures: 10 hours at the 100-level and 6 hours at the 200-level. (Greek 101, 102, and two 300-level courses in Greek; LATN 101, 102, and two 200­ or 300-level courses in Latin.) Instruction is presently available in Chinese Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.



  1. Interim language courses for credit in the country of the language are also periodically available.
  2. A student who has completed three years of one foreign language study in high school may fulfill the language requirement by taking a fourth semester course.
  3. A student who has completed the fourth-year level of one foreign language in high school is exempt from the languages requirement.
  4. Any student who achieves a specified scaled score in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject exam in French, German, and Spanish, levels 1 and 2 will be exempt from the languages requirement and will also receive credit for the fourth semester course in the language.
  5. A transfer student with 11 or 12 semester hours of accepted credit has two choices:
    1. to complete 6 hours in the same language at the 200-level; or
    2. with permission of the chairperson of the department to enroll in a fourth semester course.
  6. A student from a foreign country who has demonstrated acceptable proficiency in his or her native language (other than English) is exempted from the languages requirement without credit toward the degree. American students who present acceptable evidence that their second language is English are exempted from the languages requirement without credit toward the degree. All such students should see the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for this exemption.

Students not fulfilling the entrance requirement in languages (two units of the same language in high school) will need 130 (instead of 125) hours for graduation.