Note that completion of LATN 101, 102 and two 300 level LATN courses will fulfill the language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The department advises students who come to the University with one or two semesters of Latin in high school to take LATN 101, three or four semesters of Latin in high school to take LATN 201, and five or six semesters of Latin in high school to take LATN 302.

Persons expecting to teach Latin should consult with the chief adviser when they enter the University.

Table of contents

Refer to the Graduate Bulletin for 900-level courses.

101. Elementary Latin (5 cr)
This course and the following cover the amount of work usually done in two years of high school Latin.

102. Elementary Latin (5 cr)
Continuation of LATN 101. Reading of simple prose and Caesar.

201. Accelerated Latin (3 cr)
Prereq: 2 years high school Latin.

Thorough review of Latin forms and syntax. Reading of Latin prose.

301. Latin Prose I (3 cr)
Prereq: LATN 102 or permission.

Selections from the works of Cicero and other Latin prose works.

302. Latin Poetry I (3 cr)
Prereq: LATN 201 or LATN 301.

Readings from Latin poetry and study of Latin poetic technique.

303. Latin Prose II (1 cr)
Prereq: 4 Yrs high school Latin or LATN 302.

Forms and clause syntax.

304. Latin Poetry II (2 cr)
Prereq: LATN 303.

Sentence syntax.

350. The Vulgate: The Latin Bible (3 cr)
Selected readings, with emphasis on grammar and vocabulary acquisition.

399. Independent Study in Latin (1-24 cr)
Prereq: Permission.

399H. Honors Course (1-4 cr)
Prereq: For use of candidates for degrees with distinction, with high distinction, and with highest distinction in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Note: The prerequisite for any 400 level course is LATN 302 or permission unless otherwise stated.

456/856. Latin of the Middle Ages. (3 cr)
Preq: Permission

Selections from representative authors.

491/891. Topics in Latin Prose (3 cr)
Preq: Permission.

492/892. Topics in Latin Poetry (3 cr)
Preq: Permission.

896. Reading and Research (1-24 cr)
Prereq: Permission.

899. Masters Thesis (6-10 cr)

Refer to the Graduate Bulletin for 900-level courses.