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The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice is a nationally recognized leader in criminal justice education and research. Faculty research includes attention to the major components of the criminal justice system, as well as the study of criminal behavior and law. The academic backgrounds of the faculty are multidisciplinary and include sociology, psychology, public administration, history, political science, urban studies, as well as criminal justice and criminology.

The program is administered by the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the School offers the complete undergraduate degree on both the Omaha and Lincoln campuses of the University of Nebraska. The School also offers Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees, as well as a Ph.D. degree.


In addition to traditional classes, the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers several courses online. Students may supplement their regular semester classes with a few online courses or could complete the entire minor online. Courses offered include:

CRIM 101-700 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIM 203-700 Police and Society
CRIM 211-700 The Criminal Court System
CRIM 221-700 Survey of Corrections
CRIM 335-700 Criminology
CRIM 338-700 Minorities and the Criminal Justice System
CRIM 339-700 Women and Crime
CRIM 405-700 Drugs & Crime
CRIM 451-700 Violence
CRIM 475-700 Int'l Criminology & Criminal Justice

Visiting Scholars Lecture Series Live Stream

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice sponsors visits to UNL by world
renowned criminal justice experts each year. 

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