The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice requires that students have a 2.5 cumulative GPA when transferring from another University of Nebraska department, or when transferring from another institution. Transfer students must complete the Pre-Criminology and Criminal Justice curriculum, and apply to the Upper Division Criminology and Criminal Justice Program through the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice prior to taking upper division (300/400 level) criminal justice courses.

Students attending a Nebraska Community College who anticipate transferring to UNL as a criminology and criminal justice major should use the following transfer guide when selecting courses. (Click on your community college and then choose College of Public Affairs and Community Service:

Course equivalents that have been identified between NU, most Nebraska post-secondary institutions and several other institutions are noted on the following site:

Transfer students should consider transferring at least one semester prior to the junior year to avoid delay of admission to the upper division program and an overabundance of lower level courses. Students need to consider the following:

  • Most transfer students will need at least one semester at that University of Nebraska to complete the pre-criminology and criminal justice requirements before they are eligible to take upper division criminology and criminal justice courses.
  • A minimum of 21 hours out of the total 39 hours required in the criminology and criminal justice major must be completed at the 300 or 400 level.
  • Early planning for the required area of concentration is important in order to determine lower level prerequisites needed prior to completing the 12 hours of upper level that is required in the concentration area.
    • Because of course sequencing and upper level requirements, a transfer student who intends their concentration in a language, science, computer sciences, or math should transfer by the sophomore year (approx. 30 semester hrs or 45 qtr hrs).
    • Transfer students who do not know what their concentration should seek advising from a UNL advisor by the sophomore year (approx. 30 semester hrs or 45 qtr hrs).

After admission to the University of Nebraska, all courses presented for transfer are reviewed to determine if and how they will apply toward the Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Prospective transfer students who have questions prior to admission may contact the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice for more details on the transfer policy.

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