History of UNL DBER Group

The sister organization to the UNL DBER Group is the DBER Group at the University of Colorado at Boulder (CUB DBER Group), where it was initiated in 2004.  Dr. L. Arthurs participated in the CUB DBER Group for three years (2007-2010) and brought this model to UNL in 2011.

The UNL DBER Group was originally initiated with a focus on discipline-based education research at the post-secondary level.  Since that time, the scope of the group has broadened to STEM education in general in such a way that group discussions involve more than only discipline-based education research.

From Fall 2011 to Fall 2012, the UNL DBER Group coordination was co-facilitated by Dr. L. Arthurs from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Dr. M. Stains from the Department of Chemistry.  At the end of Fall 2012, Dr. M. Stains stepped down as co-facilitator. 

In Spring 2013, Dr. W. Glider from the School of Biological Sciences and Dr. M. Searls from the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences joined the DBER Group organizational team after being active participants in the group since its inception.

In Spring 2014, Dr. J. Dauer from the School of Natural Resources joined the DBER Group organizational team to establish an East Campus site where DBER Group members and guests can meet and virtually connect to the City Campus site, where the in-person presentations are usually hosted.

The UNL DBER Group is currently supported by the Center for Math, Science, and Computer Education; NebraskaSCIENCE; the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; the Department of Chemistry; the School of Biological Sciences; and the School of Natural Resources.