General Membership

Our membership includes over 100 faculty, staff, and student members with a wide range of expertise (e.g., discipline-based research,  higher education research, K-12 education research, public outreach and education, extension activities, etc.) who share a common interest in STEM education (pK-16+, formal and informal settings).  Most of us are homed at UNL; however, some of our members are homed in surrounding institutions such as Wesley College. 

Our founding faculty members. Left to right: Krista Adams (Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education), Jennifer Green (Statistics), Marilyne Stains (Chemistry), Douglas Golick (Entymology), Leilani Arthurs (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Mindi Searls (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Wendy Smith (Mathematics)

Organizational Team

Leilani Arthurs

Assistant Professor
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Jenny Dauer
Assistant Professor of Practice
School of Natural Resources

Mindi Searls
                                       William Glider
Research Assistant Professor             Professor of Practice
Department of Earth and                    School of Biological Sciences
Atmospheric Sciences               


Support for the Discipline-Based Education Research Group comes from the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Computer Education; NebraskaSCIENCE; the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences; the Department of Chemistry; the School of Biological Sciences; and the School of Natural Resources.