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UNL Research Report available

The Extreme Light Laboratory was featured as the cover story in the 2013-2014 UNL Research Report, which is available on the web. The website features all the stories and art featured in the print version plus selected videos, additional photos and links to other information.

The 2013-2014 Research Report is also available in PDF format.

Latest ELL Publication

Optics Letters published an article reporting on the ELL group's successful efforts in continuing to develop an all-optical Compton x-ray source. This recent advance used all-laser-driven Compton scattering with second harmonic light to generate 9 MeV gamma-rays. First author Dr. Cheng Liu explains that this result is important because it is the first time, based on published results, an all-laser-driven system generated energy sufficient to be relevant to nuclear research and applications. Read the article for full details on this novel approach. View the full list of ELL publications for results published previously that led to this recent development.

Diocles laser

New Publication Featured

We are pleased to announce a new publication in Nature Photonics! The article reports on our research team developing a new way to generate synchrotron x-rays using the Diocles laser. The UNL announcement offers background and insight into the project, and explains the significance of generating high-quality x-rays from a compact source. You can also view the preprint version here or browse all of our publications

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Join Our Group

We have an immediate job opening for a research professional with a background in radiographyVisit our employment page for more details on the position and instructions to apply.

Optics publication

New Article Published

The Extreme Light group has a new article published in Optics Letters! As discussed in the article, the efforts of our research team led to greater spectral phase control by means of an adaptive feedback closed-loop. This phase control capability enabled the experimental study of the dependence of laser wakefield acceleration on the spectral phase of intense laser light.