Local Activism

community engagement

Lincoln offers many opportunities for those who desire to become engaged in local activism.

  • The Lincoln Literacy Council offers the chance to work as a tutor to students wishing to learn and improve their spoken and written English.  
  • The Clyde Malone Center seeks to enrich Lincoln’s African-American community, offering opportunities to mentor and teach after-school programs to youth.  
  • El Centro De Las Américas is a community resource for the Latino community of Lincoln, offering assistance with job applications, employment, and other various forms of culturally sensitive support.  
  • The Good Neighbor Community Center is volunteer-run resource providing low-income families with food, clothing, and household items.  
  • Several of our faculty and graduate students are involved with ongoing writing projects in local prisons.

Rural activism

Center for Rural Affairs

For those interested in rural engagement and activism, Nebraska is home to various renowned organizations.

On campus

community engagement

The university offers a variety of opportunities for Place Studies students to participate in campus-based organizations.

  • Ecology Now! and Garden Gang are student organizations based in the Environmental Studies program that engage in ecological activism.
  • The Rural Futures Institute, an organization dedicated to the adaptable and progressive development of energy and agriculture in rural communities.