Typically, doctoral students in rhetoric and composition design individual programs of study that draw on a full range of courses in English. Although there are no core or required courses at the Ph.D. level, the English department regularly offers a number of graduate courses in the area of composition and rhetoric, including:

Composition and Rhetorical Theory [857A]
Rhetoric [875]
Rhetoric of Women Writers [875A]
Literacy Issues and Community [882]
Nebraska Writing Project [895A]
Composition Theory and Practice [957] (available to newly appointed GTA’s only)
Seminar in Literacy Studies [973]
Seminar in Rhetorical Theory [976]
The Nebraska Literacy Project [991A]

In addition to these regularly offered courses, the department offers special-topics seminars. In recent years, the department has offered the following special-topics seminars related to composition and rhetoric:

Pedagogy and the Scholarship of Teaching
Survey of the History of Rhetoric
The Politics of Literacy
Rhetoric and Representation
Rhetoric of Professional Discourses, Communities, and Identities
Rhetoric and the Body
Rhetorics and Poetics