Composition and Rhetoric faculty collaborate on a variety of teaching, research and outreach projects. The faculty also procure a number of grants that support collaborative research on curricular practices (both on campus and in the schools) and community outreach. Recent examples include:

  • The Woods Foundation Community Literacy Project which funded the development of the Nebraska Literacy Project for area teachers and a community literacy conference, involving many graduate students both in designing and publicizing the conference, presenting their research, and team-teaching in the project.
  • Enhancing the Teaching of First-Year Writing at UNL, a UNL-funded teaching enhancement project that supports GTA/teacher-study groups focused on improving the department's support and development of first-year writing teachers.

Some examples of collaboratively authored, published research include:

"Course Designs—English 354. Advanced Composition: Writing Ourselves/Communities into Public Conversations," Composition Studies Spring 2004.
Co-authored by Amy Goodburn and Heather Camp

"Graduate Education As Education: The Pedagogical Arts of Institutional Critique," Pedagogy Fall 2003.
Co-authored by Virginia Crisco, Chris Gallagher, Deborah Minter, Katie Hupp Stahlnecker and John Talbird

"Personal Experience Narratives: What Are Our Responsibilities As Storytellers?" The Subject is Story: Essays for Readers and Writers (Wendy Bishop & Hans Ostrom, eds.) 2003. Co-authored by Robert Brooke, Rochelle Harris and Jeannine Nyangira

Authentic Evaluation: Nebraska Teachers Design Assessment through Active Classroom Learning. ERIC ED474765. 2000. Edited and compiled by Virgnia Crisco. Editorial Advisor, Chris Gallagher.

“Deep maps: Teaching Rhetorical Engagement Through Place-Conscious Education.” The Location of Composition. Eds. Chris Keller and Christian Weisser. Albany: SUNY Press, (forthcoming). Co-authored by Jason McIntosh and Robert Brooke.