The following is a list of graduate and undergraduate courses that are relevant to Place Studies.

The English Department also offers a concentration in Place Studies for Undergraduate majors. The details and requirements of this concentration can be found here [link].

This is not an exhaustive list of all of the courses that are Place Studies related. Other courses, including special topics courses, often focus on place-related topics. Please contact faculty members from the faculty page [link] to inquire about forthcoming courses they intend to teach with a focus on Place.

Graduate Students may be interested in the forthcoming seminars with Place Studies content [link].

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Undergraduate Courses

Sections of English 101, 150, and 151 are taught with an emphasis on Place Studies.  Please consult the English department at the beginning of the semester to see if these sections are being offered during the current semester.

Other courses regularly taught include:

  • ENGL 211 Literature of Place
  • ENGL 243 National Literatures
  • ENGL 245N Intro Native Am. Lit.
  • ENGL 251 Intro to Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • ENGL 254 Writing and Communities
  • ENGL 317 Literature and Environment
  • ENGL 347 Humanities on the Plains
  • ENGL 411 Plains Literature
  • ENGL 445B Topics in African Lit.
  • ENGL 445N Topics in Native Am. Lit.
  • ENGL 451 Advanced Writing of Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGL 454 Advanced Writing Projects
  • ENGL 482 Literacy and Community Issues

Graduate Courses: current and upcoming

Fall 2013

ENGL 4/805 Fiction:
Literature of the American West
Instructor: Lynch

ENGL 4/813 Film:
Eco-Horror, Environmentalism, Apocotainment
Instructor: Foster

ENGL 992B Composition & Rhetoric:
Place-Conscious Education
Instructor: Brooke (Online)

Spring 2014

ENGL 911 Modern Literature:
Plains Literature
Instructor: Kaye (Great Plains Certificate)

Fall 2014

ENGL 4/845N 
Native American Literature 
Instructor: Gannon (Ethnic Studies)

Spring 2015

ENGL 4/883 Composition & Rhetoric:
Literacy Issues and Community
Instructor: TBD

ENGL 933 American Literature and Global Literature:
Ecocriticism and Environmental Literature
Instructor: Lynch