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Students from Maureen Honey's Black Women Authors class - photo credit to Sheree Haynie
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Declaring your major

Students declaring an English or Film Studies major should meet with their advisor at least once a year to update the major plan, to review progress toward the degree, to plan a concentration, and to consult about course selection, scholarships, and careers or post-graduate education.

Remember: you are assigned a bulletin year when you enroll at the University of Nebraska. To view previous years' bulletins, go to the Bulletin Rules page.

Film Studies

Choosing a Concentration

As an English major, you design your own concentration — a program of study based on your areas of interest, organized around a controlling theme or topic. With the help of your advisor and appropriate faculty, you'll select four courses above the 299 level that fit your chosen theme or topic. If your interests span multiple disciplines, one might even be from another department! (Please note there is a limit of 6 hours in creative writing courses.)

To get started, schedule an appointment with the English Advising Office.

English Advising Office

Majoring in English or Film Studies? Make sure you meet with an Advisor at least once a year to plan your degree and discuss courses, concentrations, scholarships, post-graduate education, and careers.

Meet with your Advisor