We regularly host visiting scholars and writers
and organize or participate in a variety of seminars, symposia, and similar events.


Barry Lopez

Barry Lopez,
September 2013

Mark Tredinnick

Mark Tredinnick,
March 2011

Mandy M and Guy F

Mandy Martin and Guy Fitzhardinge,
October 2011

Jennifer Sinor,
November 2011

Elizabeth Dodd,
March 2010

Allison Hedge Coke,
November 2009

Celebrating Darwin's Legacy, March 2009

Maria Melendez,
March 2008

Lawrence Buell,
November 2007

Loren Eiseley Centennial Celebration,
September 2007

Scott Slovic,
September 2007

Thomas Dean,
April 2007

In addition, we regularly participate in the Center for Great Plains Studies events, seminars and symposia.