University of Missouri-Kansas City, BA
New Mexico State University, MA
University of Pittsburgh, PhD

Areas of Interest

  • Children’s Literature and Culture
  • Histories of Adolescence and Childhood
  • Gender Studies/ Queer Theory
  • Composition/ Pedagogy

Teaching Statement

As a teacher of writing, literature, and cultural studies, my primary aim is to engage students as thinkers and scholars.  The questions that come to the surface in the teaching of writing and literary texts are in abundance, questions about interpretation, questions about the limits of language and representation, and questions about the relationship between language and reality.  Rather than resolve or ignore these uncertainties, I aim to bring them to the surface, providing students with the space to engage intellectually with the problems of language.  In a sense, every class I teach launches an inquiry into how meaning is made, how language and context construct meaning, and how shared meanings circulate in texts over time.  While we cannot resolve the uncertainties of language, we can attend to the stakes and consequences of using language in ways that make us better writers, readers, and thinkers both inside and outside the university.

Selected Publications

“Queer Theory Wrestles the ‘Real’ Child: Impossibility, Identity, and Language in Jacqueline Rose’s The Case of Peter PanChildren’s Literature Association Quarterly 35.3 (2010): 255-73.

Review of The Queer Child: or, Growing Sideways in the Twentieth Centuryby Kathryn Bond Stockton.  Lion and the Unicorn 35.1 (2011): 101-6.

Review of Juvenile Literature and British Society, 1850-1950: The Age of Adolescence by Charles Ferrall and Anna Jackson.  Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 36.3 (2011): 348-51.

Review of The Mind of the Child: Child Development in Literature, Science, and Medicine, 1840-1900 by Sally Shuttleworth. Lion and the Unicorn, forthcoming in 2012.

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Gabrielle Owen
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(402) 472-1829