The English Graduate Student Association, EGSA, is an organization formed and run by graduate students in the English Department at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. It is designed to keep all graduate students in touch and to address the issues that matter to all of us, whether new to the program or about to enter the academic job market.

The graduate students nominate and elect four doctoral students and one M.A. student every year; the doctoral representatives serve a two-year term and the M.A. elected representative serves for one year. The Executive Committee consists of those elected officials serving in their second year on the EGSA board. From within that group, the Executive Committee determines who will assume the roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Further, EGSA facilitates the nomination and election of English graduate student liaisons who serve one-year appointments on various departmental committees: these include the Chair’s Advisory Committee, the Undergraduate Committee, the Grade Appeals Committee, the Technology Committee, and various Ad Hoc Committees.

All English graduate students are automatically members in the EGSA. Year-round, students are plugged into an active listserv which will keep them informed about departmental events. The listserv is also a forum for students to communicate about various issues such as travel funding, study groups, conference information, campus events, the No-Name Reading Series, etc. It's also a quick way to stay in touch with our Graduate Chair (the only faculty member allowed on the listserv) and our guardian angel, Sue Hart, the Graduate Secretary.

2012–13 Executive Board Officers

President: Jacob Hilton
Vice President: Wendy Oleson
Secretary: Claire Harlan-Orsi
Events Planner: Sarah Chavez

2012–13 At-large Officers

Nima Kianfar
Robert Lipscomb
Sarah Fawn Montgomery
Kelly Meyer
Annie Bierman (M.A. rep)

EGSA Contact Email: