Office Arrangements

All teaching assistants are provided with an office, commonly shared with one or more other teaching assistants. Teaching assistants are provided with a desk, file space, and bookshelf space and have access to a telephone.

Administrative Support

As experienced graduate students can attest, much of the quality of life as a graduate student is influenced by the departmental office staff. The English Department boasts, by any account, the best staff in the University. Our office staff members regularly win University and College awards for excellence. The staff member you will work with the most, Sue Hart, the Graduate Secretary, is renowned among the faculty and students alike for her first-rate helpfulness and competence.

Travel Support

The Department of English offers modest travel support for PhD students to deliver papers at regional, national, and international conferences. In the past few years, graduate students have given papers at such varied venues as Conference on College Composition and Communication, Society for the Study of American Women Writers, Western American Literature, Northeast Modern Language Association, National Associated Writing Programs, National Women's Studies Association, Feminisms and Rhetorics, Popular Culture Association, Edith Wharton at Newport: 2000, Association for Theater in Higher Education, National Writing Centers Conference, National Council of Teachers of English, Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery Conference, Western Literature Association, American Society for Literature and the Environment, American Literature Association: Symposium on Eco-Literature, Nebraska Literature Festival, and Creighton Conference on Language and Literature.

Computer Support

The English Department offers a computer lab with regular access for graduate students, including Internet and e-mail links; some teaching assistants have computers in their offices. The Department has full-time technical support for all its computers and computer users.

Library Facilities

The University Libraries include Don L. Love Memorial Library and nine branch libraries. The UNL Libraries have a combined collection of over 2.5 million print volumes, over four million microform volume equivalents, and more than 11,500 current serial subscriptions. Holdings include extensive collections for the study of nineteenth century literature and Renaissance literature. Special collections include an Ethnic American collection, a Folklore and Fine Arts collection, and collections in Great Plains History and Literature, with particular strengths in Cather and Sandoz materials. Microforms include the major manuscript collections in American history from the colonial times to the Civil War, as well as resources in the Middle Ages, Tudor-Stuart England, and American folklore. Love Library, only a two-minute walk from Andrews Hall, the English Department home, offers computer workstations for access to Web searches as well as CD-ROM facilities.

The UNL Libraries’ E-Text Center is a first-rate resource for research projects. It includes the Corvey Collection, an extraordinary electronic collection of primary texts in English, French, and German literature from the 18th and 19th centuries. Our strong interlibrary loan system at UNL also serves as an important aid to research; the UNL Libraries are a member of the Big Twelve Plus (BTP) Libraries Consortium of thirty large academic libraries located in the Midwest, Southwest and Western United States. The UNL Libraries also provide web delivery of interlibrary loan articles.

Other Support on Campus