Multi-Year Teaching Assistantships

Each year, we offer several incoming MA students a 2-year assistantship, the second year of which is a Teaching Assistantship. Our competitive 6-year assistantship package for direct admit PhD students generally includes one year of a Reading Assistantship and 5 years of a Teaching Assistantship. In addition, each year we offer several 5-year Teaching Assistantships to students entering the PhD program with an MA or MFA.

New TAs are assigned to first-year writing courses in which they have full responsibility for two sections of composition each semester. We support new TAs with a required workshop the week before classes begin, and a seminar in Composition Theory and Practice during the fall semester. During their years at UNL, some TAs get the opportunity to tutor in the Writing Center, and most get the opportunity to teach beginning-level composition and/or creative writing and/or literature courses. There are some opportunities for summer teaching as well.

Renewable Teaching Assistantships

PhD students who do not receive multi-year TAs can compete for Renewable TAs after their first year in the program. Many students are supported on Renewable TAs for the remainder of their academic programs. Teaching opportunities are the same as for other TAs, including first-year composition with the required teaching workshop and seminar the first year, and the possibility of teaching upper level composition and/or creative writing and/or literature courses. Please note that the number of Renewable Teaching Assistantships we are able to award varies from year to year and that in a typical year not all PhD students who apply for Renewable Teaching Assistantships are awarded them.

Teaching Internships

This program allows both MA and PhD students to intern with a faculty member in an undergraduate course in their area of specialization. Together, the student and faculty member design the syllabus, and during the semester the student attends all classes, meets regularly with the professor to talk about the class, assists the professor with the preparation of in-class exercises and assignments, writes a teaching/observation journal about the class, and prepares and teaches a limited number of class sessions. The student earns 3 credit hours toward the graduate degree for the internship.