Laurus Covers


Laurus is currently accepting submissions for our annual cover art competition!

Submissions must include "Laurus" and "2013". The dimensions of the wrap-around cover are 8x11 with a split in the center for the spine.

The winning submission will be featured as the cover of the 2013 issue.

Please make your submission through the Visual Art section of laurus/ and include the word "cover" in your digital file name.

About Laurus

Laurus is the undergraduate literary journal of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, supported by the English Department and the University of Nebraska Foundation.  Laurus is a registered student organization at UNL. Laurus publishes fiction, poetry, non-fiction and visual artwork created exclusively by UNL undergraduates.  The annual issue is published in the spring.

Laurus was founded in 1983.  The 2013 publication will be the 20th edition. Over the years, Laurus has published early work by such notable writers as Timothy Schaffert (1990), Amil Quayle (1987, 1989), Amy Knox Brown (1987, 1989), James Cihlar (1989), Erin Flanagan (1994), Rainbow Rowell (1996), and Danielle Luther-Luebbe (2005).  Schaffert was also an editor in 1991, as was Pulitizer Prize finalist Lee Martin in 1992.  Faculty advisors over the years have included James Roberts, Marcia Southwick, Judith Slater, Anthony Hawley, John Chavez and John Schulze, and Michael Page. 

Recently retired Professor of Poetry Greg Kuzma had the longest tenure as faculty advisor, through much of the 1990s and 2000s.  Greg writes, “My work with Laurus was the most important service work I did for UNL.  During the years I was advisor Laurus became entirely an undergraduate literary and fine arts magazine, printing only undergrads and edited by undergrads.  I had no hand in the choices selected to publish, although I did do a lot of the proofreading.  We worked hard to print full color covers, gained funding from the Art Department to support cover art and inside art, and reached out across campus to try to become a campus wide magazine.  We published literary criticism, stories and poems, plays, panel discussions, essays on science and sociology, book and film reviews. For many years Laurus was the most exciting thing I did at UNL.”  Through Greg’s efforts, Laurus has become an important institution within the UNL English Department. 

If you would like to purchase a copy of the 2012 issue of Laurus  Laurus is also available at the English Department office and at the University Bookstore and other area bookstores.  To order past issues e-mail Michael Page at

2012-2013 Laurus Editors

Senior Editors:  Alex Lierz, Joe Kozal, Tim Lundy, Michaela Montgomery, John Schwaniger
First-Year Editors:  Sarah Benal, Daley ElDorado, Claire Rief, Kalisa Schweitzer, Jacob Zlomke
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Page
To contact the editors about questions or queries, email us at  To submit your work, go to laurus/ You must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Submission details can be found on the Submission guidelines page on this website.

New editors’ application

(link is called #new_editors)

Laurus will be seeking 3-5 new editors for the 2012-13 editorial staff.  To apply, prepare a letter of application detailing your interest in Laurus, any past experience you have had with editing, your understanding of the time commitment it takes to edit a literary magazine, and why you would make a good addition to the editorial team.  Also include a curriculum vitae or resume that includes your academic background, accomplishments, and involvement.  Drop off your letter to Professor Michael Page’s mailbox in Andrews Hall, Room 202 by Friday, September 5, 2012.  If you have any questions about the application process, please email Professor Page at

Submission Guidelines

  1. Laurus publishes work only by undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln during the current school year. All others are ineligible to submit.
  2. No more than five submissions per student per academic year.
  3. The submission deadline is Friday, January 18th, 2013.
  4. Submit finished work only! Laurus editors will generally not provide feedback.
  5. Microsoft Word (.doc) is the preferred format for fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.
  6. Fiction and creative non-fiction submissions should not exceed 4500 words.
  7. Only submit one fiction or creative non-fiction piece/essay per document. Multiple poetry submissions should be submitted within one document. If submitting multiple poems please title the submission with the title of the first poem in the file. 
  8. Visual art may be submitted as a JPEG or GIF file. Be sure that you upload the largest file size available of your visual art piece.
  9. With your submission please include an author or artist bio that will be featured in our magazine if your work is chosen.
  10. Submissions may be sent through
  11. By submitting to Laurus you are granting permission to publish your work in the annual Laurus print magazine.  Upon publication all rights revert back to the author. If a piece that has been submitted to Laurus is accepted for publication elsewhere, please notify us immediately so that we can remove it from our submission pool.
  12. Please acknowledge that you accept these terms in a cover letter accompanying your submission.

2011 Laurus Cover
2012 issue now available

Submissions for 2013 issue are now being accepted. Submit your work at: laurus/

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